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Family Outraged Over Ouija Board Use In Classroom

One mother was completely outraged over the use of a Ouija Board inside her 5-year-old son’s classroom in Zablocki Elementary School in Milwaukee. According to (WISN) ABC News, the mother along with her family and friends, were upset over this incident. The teachers intentions were misguided it seems, especially for children around this age. This

How To Use An Ouija Board

This question has come up time and time again. It is something that many have speculated about. When delving into the spirit world, one must approach things with caution. Not only can ghosts latch onto a tool such as this but demonic entities as well. There are some people who believe that an Ouija board

Ouija Board Experience Gone Wrong

We were contacted by Jody Dean, from the Hunting The Dead YouTube channel. A video was made on September 6th, 2018. In this video, Jody talks about a Ouija board experience that went completely wrong. It took place within the United Kingdom and there is actual video footage seen explaining these supernatural occurrences. Jody Dean

Ghost boy appears inside hanging Jesus painting

There are some things that defy no logical explanation. While we are alive in this existence, we have a limited shelf life, until it is time for us to move onward. Sometimes spirits are so troubled from what happened to them, they cannot find any sense of peace. There are both triumphant and tragic things