Guy Captures Shadow Person With His Camera Phone

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When we see things like this, they are often rather questionable. Sometimes they are real head scratchers and this is another example of this. Ever since this video was posted back on December 16, 2016 people have been wondering if this is actually real or not. 

The video first starts out with a man from Pennsylvania, explaining that he, along with his wife and children were hearing strange noises. During this time, the video clip was recorded on his camera phone, they had a dog along with several cats. However, this was no dark black cat…it was something else entirely. 

Both of their cats were upstairs in their children’s room. It seems as though their dog was whimpering from fear during this time and was inside his cage in the kitchen upstairs.

Over the course of several months prior to this video recording, they heard what sounded like footsteps coming from the stairs to the basement. It sounded like someone walking up and down the stairs as if they were pacing back and forth.

It is unknown if this home previously had any kind of haunted history, but it is assumed not. This shadowy looking figure, peers out from the wall downstairs in the basement.

Shadow person caught on camera

Some think this is a person dressed up in a kind of Halloween costume wearing a bodysuit. It is possible but not confirmed to be. There are moments before he wanders downstairs into the basement, that look rather strange. 

Someone pointed out that when he turns, his camera around right before he cuts on the lights, there was something or someone standing right on the stairwell before it quickly wandered downstairs into the basement below. 

Another comment was made mentioning that when he first opened the door, there was no way to tell if this was a fake or not. For example, if this was a person instead then light would likely be reflecting of the clothing they had on.

As seen in the video, their clothing is way too dark looking to be clothing that person would be wearing. Whatever this thing appeared to be, it didn’t seem entirely human by most counts. This was another unexplained mystery of sorts yet to be explained.

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