The Dibbuk Box

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Known as the “Dybbuk Box” this cursed artifact unleashed a menacing darkness which ruined the lives of all who came into contact with it. Originally the box was found unhappily by Kevin Mannis. This happened in September of 2001. This box was sold to him as a lot of different items during an estate sale located in Portland Oregon. Afterward he pried open the lock and seemingly angered a demonic presence which followed all those who came in contact with it.


The box itself can be best described as a small sized wine cabinet. What was discovered after opening it were the following items: several pennies dating back to the 1920’s, a lock of blonde hair wrapped with a cord, a lock of black/brownish hair also wrapped by cord, a small statue engraved with the Hebrew word “Shalom”, a small, golden wine goblet, one dried rose bud, and a single candle holder with four octopus-shaped legs.


With all of these items, it seemed rather strange yet unusual enough for him to gift this to his elderly mother on October 28th. By doing this, she experienced a decline in her health suddenly suffering from a stroke. She best described that where she was sitting – felt like a strong bitter cold of evil which entered the room.

Each owner who came into contract with this box, reported foul smells of cat urine and/or jasmine flowers. It did not stop here for them, while they were sleeping they shared a similar dream describing a ghoulish hag woman with a shrunken scarred face who first battered and bruised Kevin Mannis. He actually woke up the next morning with bruises all over his body. Kevin is not a sleepwalker, he believes that his experience (whatever it was) came from someplace else, from a spirit world of sorts.

Panicked not knowing what to do, he decided to auction the box online, he eventually received a winning bid and promptly sent it away. The new owner was a student at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri named Iosif Neitzke. Everything seemed normal for a while—until he hosted a party with his roommates, they all experienced some strange things especially with electronic devices including lights suddenly burning out and things breaking. Even one roommates eyes were bloody red. Iosif Neitzke reported that his hair began falling out while the box was there. He started to write about his experiences with the box on his blog.


One man named Jason Haxton took notice of his writings and inquired to purchase it. He is the Director of the Museum of Osteopathic Medicine in Kirksville, Missouri. Jason had also experienced bloody red eyes and vomited some strange mucus in his bathroom while bathing. His wife also suffered from an unusual rash on her arm. Jason also said he suffered from hives on his skin and even coughed up blood.

Eventually Jason sealed the box with assistance from Rabbis within the Jewish community. The box now rests stored away from those who might happen upon it next. Further discovery revealed that the spirit was contacted in Europe many years ago attaching itself to the dybbuk box. A primitive weegie board was used contacting a very bad paranormal presence. Jason decided to take the resealed dybbuk box far away at an undisclosed location.

(Update: Zak Bagans ended up with the box, he is an American paranormal investigator, actor, television personality)


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