Unusually Long Armed Creature, Chases Canadian Teenagers Riding ATV

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While one young teenager was out with his two older sisters ages 15 and 18, they were on their way to meet up with their grandmother. Their best estimation was, they were about 1.24 miles away from her house. They lived down the road away from where their grandmother lives. This area has vast rolling fields around. The siblings decided to cut through the fields. 

They didn’t expect to cross paths with something out of the ordinary. They explained how they moved around a fence, so they wouldn’t have to open up the gates. For the most part, this was not much different than the main pathway. The gates were put in place to help keep the cows here. After reaching the middle part of the field, they looked over to notice what resembled a large pile of rocks stacked up from long ago. 

The siblings came to a crawl after noticing what looked like a person there. At first, they thought a calf fell or was stuck and needed help. They even thought this was their uncle, only it wasn’t. This thing perched quite similar to how Spider-Man does from the comics.

However, it was crouched down on top of one large rock. It was just sitting there motionless. As the siblings approached closer on their ATV, they soon noticed this thing stand up. Their hearts dropped into their stomachs as fear soon set in.

Long armed creature Alberta Canada

Puzzled over this, they noticed it had long grotesque looking arms. These arms were very abnormally long compared to that of a human. They began to scream and freak out unsure of what would happen next. Moments afterward, this thing began to run towards them. Its usual arms swayed back and forth comparable to that of a typical runner. 

This thing for sure wasn’t human. It was something else. While it would be logical to think it would use its long extended arms to run with, it didn’t. This thing was moving pretty fast for its size and shape.

Not knowing what to expect next, they turned around and moved straight across through the field. Both sisters were screaming in terror, as this thing kept running towards them. Being equally scared, the teen boy couldn’t look back towards this weird looking thing. 

He yelled out “Don’t look at it” as they turned across a corner of the field. This was the last time any of them ever noticed it again. All of them were still riding the ATV vehicle together, as they soon approached back home. The teen ended up crashing the ATV into the deck of their parents home. 

As anyone could soon imagine, the teens were so scared…their parents even believed what happened. They wondered whether or not this was some kind of trespasser. Nobody else around the area reported seeing anything out of the ordinary. When asked further about what this thing looked like, it was best described as being tall, skinny without any kind of clothing on. 

It’s head and perhaps the rest of its body was a grayish type color. The head wasn’t shaped like a person’s would be. Their estimation was, it wasn’t from this world or from the Alberta area. It has remained a mystery to them ever since.

(Source: Reddit)

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