Bizarre Woman Found On Back Of Work Truck

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Seen laying down in the back of a utility truck in Brazil, appears to be a woman. She is either strung out on some kind of drug or is possibly possessed by some kind of demonic spirit. While watching this, it is both disturbing and creepy. She behaves rather erratically, as she is seen fidgeting around, making distorted facial expressions while moving both her legs and arms around.

possessed woman back of work truck

There are different theories about this video footage, that appeared to be recorded originally using Bandicam. This software is used for screen capturing, video games and webcam streams. Some think that she was on her way to steal something from the back of this truck, to later sell for drug money. This may well be a possibility but it is just a theory.

Many folks sleep in the streets at night. They have no other option most of the time. Shelters are set up around the world to help people like this, yet most of the time the relapse and end up back on the streets again. Drugs are a big problem. There are some places that even provide needles for the homeless like this, to actually shoot drugs up with.

possessed woman on back of work truck

More than likely, this woman is on something like “Flakka”. It is a stimulant type of drug also known as cathinone. This stimulant can be found in things like bath salts. It is a synthetic type of substance and completely unnatural.

A large percentage of cathinone is manufactured in China without regulations. The composition of the drug is ever evolving making it difficult to detect as its transported around the world. It is more dangerous than people realize. Someone on a drug like Flakka, can lash out towards others. They are a danger to themselves and others around them. This drug is usually smoked and has the effect of LSD.

This woman’s bizarre behavior, is reminiscent to that of a zombie seen in movies and shows. Her eyes are really messed up looking, as she attempts to communicate verbally. She is so out of her mind, that she doesn’t appear to understand what is going on around her. It is disturbing to see this.

It is unknown who this woman is but clearly the workers watching her don’t know what to do. This video makes her appear as if she were an animal inside of a cage at a zoo. This truly is a strange video to watch. However, her eyes seen in some frames, appear to be more like someone possessed by something.

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