Florida Man Steals Credit Card Buys French Bulldog As Woman

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A rather bizarre incident happened in Florida recently, when Largo police officials discovered that a man dressed as a woman, bought a French Bulldog puppy. The dog is estimated at being valued around $4,000 dollars.

Bryant Farfan dresses as woman buys French bulldog puppy

The man has since been identified as Bryant Farfan. He apparently stole a credit card and used it for the purchase of the puppy. To date, Bryant Farfan is still wanted by law enforcement. Police search for clues to his location and are trying to track down the Bulldog as well.

While entering the store location “All About Puppies”, Bryant Farfan left with a French Bulldog baby on October 2nd. Largo police officials stated, he used a stolen Florida driver’s license and also falsified adoption records. Farfan may have been scheming to sell the dog for profit.

The manager of the store “All About Puppies” has offered a reward for the return of the Bulldog. Manager Allie Julian spoke with ABC Action News saying, “The only thing we are hoping for is the safe return of our puppy.

We’re offering a $1,000 reward in hopes that someone will do the right thing and return her to us.” The French Bulldog was 8 weeks old when it was taken. The dog is now 5 months old.

All About Puppies Farfan stolen French bulldog

The suspect in question, was previously identified due to his criminal record in the State of Florida. Authorities have since taken to social media, posting mugshots of Farfan that include him being dressed as a woman. One photo shows the French Bulldog when it was 8 weeks old.

Released surveillance footage, shows Farfan holding the puppy while he was inside the pet store.

Police said, “Probable cause exists for Farfan’s arrest. If an innocent person bought the dog and is caring for it properly, we hope that would be taken into account by the business.” Perhaps whoever purchased the dog might be hesitant to return it. Ultimately, the final decision should be left with the pet store.

Previously, Farfan has been arrested. Back in February, he went to a shop while wearing a dress and bought more than $4,000 worth of pressure washers and generators. He then disputed the charges on his credit card and was later arrested for grand theft.

Someone out there has the Bulldog that was bought from Farfan. They should contact detectives and the staff of “All About Puppies” to determine if your animal was stolen or not.

Police did note that any leads to the whereabouts of either Farfan or the stolen puppy could be directed to Det. Steve Allred or Det. Lance Moore at 727-587-6730.

(Source: Newsweek)

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