US Border Patrol Agents Find ‘Human Brain’ Inside Of Package Entering The USA

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Recently, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) stopped a Canadian mail truck entering the United States. This was fairly routine, until the agents there discovered an unusual package being transported. Inside of this package was a human brain. Everyone working there last Friday in Port Huron, Michigan thought this was quite creepy.

The location is at the Blue Water Bridge, where the United States and Canada meet up. This particular truck was randomly selected for an inspection. This is done to find things such as this which are questionable. The officials there examined the contents inside the truck and noticed one package labeled as: ‘Antique Teaching Specimen’.  

Brain on truck USA border agents

This package peaked their interest. Agents there opened up the parcel and discovered a glass jar that contained a real human brain inside. The brain had been wrapped up with a paper towel and was covered up with bubble wrapping. 

As the agents examined the jar, it was clearly visible to see. There was no official paperwork with this packaged brain, which led them to think this was rather suspicious.

The agents that work checkpoints such as these find all kinds of strange things each day but this brain was one of the most bizarre things they have come across yet.

Since the discovery of this brain in a jar, officials have since turned the brain over to the Center for Disease Control in accordance with import regulations concerning “biological agents.” It is unknown what will happen to this brain or where it will be kept. 

Perhaps this was part of some kind of underground organ trade going on. This is creepy to think about as there is a black market for such things.

People buy/sell and trade organs using resources such as the dark web to communicate. Whoever ordered this from Canada, will likely be investigated and questioned and won’t be getting their hands on this specimen anytime soon.

(Source: Coast To Coast AM)

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