How To Use An Ouija Board

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This question has come up time and time again. It is something that many have speculated about. When delving into the spirit world, one must approach things with caution. Not only can ghosts latch onto a tool such as this but demonic entities as well.

There are some people who believe that an Ouija board can become a vessel or portal of sorts to bring forth spirits into the world. These spirits might be good or bad and that is a dangerous chance to take for anyone.

Wooden Ouija board

Numerous stories, movies and more…have been based upon haunted type locations and people using a ouija board to contact the dead or a demon of sorts. When a portal or gateway is opened up from using a board, these entities will arrive in the real physical world sometimes helping or harming humanity.

Different theories about destroying an Ouija board include burning it, busting it into different pieces and burying them by scattered each piece far away – so they don’t form into a whole board again. Most think that physically destroying the board, will ultimately release any spirits or demons contacted.

Before trying to destroy the board, think of the karma. If however the board must be destroyed, place a circle of salt around it first, the salt will act as an “energy absorb er”. Salt also makes a great electrical conductor, which can help keep evil entities away by confining them. Eventually, the board should become both earthed and discharged from doing this. If the board is burned, it might act as a vessel for demonic type entities to pass through. Keep this in mind, if you choose to destroy the board.

A theory exists, saying that an Ouija board can be buried upside down, upon consecrated ground such as a cemetery or church yard. The board should be covered with lots of salt. If you are a religious person, try sprinkling holy water or burning sage in your house later after having used the board. Likewise, anyone else who came into contact with the board should do the same.

Some important tips when dealing with a Ouija board, is to never leave the planchette unattended ever. This is usually made from wood, metal or plastic. This device is used to roll over the Ouija board while attempting to make contact with spirits. This heart-shaped flat piece of wood, is usually equipped with two wheeled castors, fabric or felt.

If the planchette is on the board, someone should be holding it at all times. Never let the planchette go from A-Z or 1–0 either forwards or backwards, this is an incantation for the spirit or entity to bestow itself into our very world. If this does happen, then immediately stop the planchette until it moves over the words goodbye.

Never let a planchette move into a figure 8 circle repeatedly. This incantation is also used to bring forth spirits and the like into our world. If this happens, stop the planchette immediately and end the conversation. To separate the planchette away from the board, use silk or velvet cloth and place it in a bag or other container.

When someone makes contact with an entity from the afterlife or elsewhere, they should always end their “call” by hanging up. Always say goodbye to whatever was contacted. Comparably, if someone leaves the line open, whatever is there could linger and even manifest itself eventually. Who knows what it may well be. Likewise, never attempt to invoke an entity to make noise or show itself unto you. Who knows what it’s real intentions are or trickery.

Other tips include never using a Ouija board inside of a cemetery. This is one area where spirits are apparently stronger. This would be like someone knocking on the door while someone is trying to sleep inside their house. They would likely be upset if you woke them. Typically, the dead do not want to be disturbed.

While attempting to use a Ouija board, communicate like you would with someone in the room with you. Have patience and don’t expect answers immediately. Sometimes it takes a while for a response. Change your questions and even your words used to ask them. Typically, a yes or no answer is easier to obtain than something else more specific. Have pen and paper nearby to record anything else that might have been communicated.

When attempting to make contact, be prepared for deception. An evil entity will likely disguise itself when asked whether or not it is good.

Most importantly, while using an Ouija board take it seriously. Using an Ouija board, can put yourself or others into certain danger. The board essentially is a tool to be used, it is an oracle and is written upon the board itself. Some believe that the materials used to construct the board, also affect its very strength. If one is made from wood for example, then it is from the Earth and therefore holds a deeper connection to it. Be wise and safe while using a Ouija board. You might find the answers you were looking for or something else.

(Source: Quora and Horror Movie Blog)

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