An Astral Entity Watched Television With Us

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It happened late one night. They had three different televisions in their home. One of them was no longer working and was located in the main family room. It was an unusual setup, as one of the televisions was pointed at the outside door. 

This was done to see who came to the door. This person explained that their parents were kind of different when it comes to some things. It was unknown whether or not this person was a boy or girl and what age they were when all of this happened. 

Late one night, they were by themselves reading. All of the lights were on inside their mobile home. Both the kitchen and the living room, made up one large room. The tile on the kitchen floor noticeably reflected onto the television with a stand. This basically allowed them to see the adjoining room fairly easily. 

One night seemed to turn out very different. While looking at their television. They noticed what resembled a shadowy figure floating by the ceiling of the kitchen. An old WB frog was hanging from the ceiling that their father had.

When they went to tap it, they glanced into the reflection of the television. It seemed that the frog was moving but the shadowy figure remained still. It seemed as if it was just hovering there. It was dark in the room during this time of night. 

I couldn’t see anything through this thing. It appeared to have no hair to speak of. The figure resembled a pitch black figure that was human-like. It appeared to be watching them and it was unlike anything else they had ever seen before.

When they then sat down on the couch. They became fixated upon the reflection this thing was making. They had no idea what was making this happen and after a while, they thought they were losing their mind.

After their parents came home, their stepmother looked at what they were seeing. Both of them then kept staring at it. This figure now started to look more like a beautiful angel with long flowing hair. It seemingly smiled back at both of them. 

Astral entity watching tv

Their father couldn’t see this unexplainable entity. He kept looking around without noticing anything out of the ordinary. Upon their return the parents brought dinner and they sat down to eat.

After taking their eyes away for a short time, this mysterious figure was now gone. What else was weird was…the television now started working again!

They explained they were convinced this was something special. Most of the time, their fathers mood was being depressed and angry most of the time. Perhaps this is why he couldn’t see this very figure.

This person lived in a state of oppression they explained. While their father most always was an angry man, he never did get physically violent with them. However, he did scare them at a different level. 

Their stepmother was always emotional and there were times when both her parents were fighting that went out of control. The mother sometimes would threaten to kill herself.

This was not a healthy environment for a child to grow up in. Perhaps this entity was some kind of guardian of sorts looking after them to see if they were okay. Most of the time, they spent time away and eventually moved in with their grandmother.

This childhood experience is something that they wanted to share online and to see if anyone had answers. It was really an unusual experience to say the least. To this day, they were unsure if this was some sort of alien, a shadow person or something else like an astral entity.

(Source: Reddit)

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