Old hags haunt our very dreams

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There are other variations about this strange phenomenon known as sleep paralysis. The most common nightmare it seems, is that of an old hag appearing at ones bedside. A hag is an old woman, often portrayed in different children’s stories and other folklore. She is gauntly in appearance usually, although not always. This hag, is a horror to ones eyes and usually quite unpleasant to look upon.

Numerous people, have mentioned they have experienced a moment like this. Some have mentioned, there have been other times in their life as well – where they experience this same kind of a thing. When they look up or open their eyes in this dream-like state of mind, they see this ghastly thing staring right back at them.

old hag

One encounter took place, when a man was living with his parents in his early twenties. He couldn’t awake or move either. Petrified, he was just about catatonic during this time. He opened his eyes, only to see a red faced hag with a hood, hovering towards the end of his bed.

This man had never been so scared before in all his life. Attempting to scream, his voice eerily went silent, as he gasped for breath. After a few moments however, he managed to lift his arm up reaching for the light switch. It seemed what felt like an eternity to him.

During this time, the hag seemed to be grinning ear to ear. It was as if it knew what was going on. Eventually, the man managed to flip the light switch on next to his bed. Now, he was able to sit up it seemed. All he could see, was the red faced hag staring right back at him.

old hag woman on bed

Known as the “Old Hag” syndrome, this disorder is quite possibly one of the most terrifying things to ever experience. This sleep related disorder, unfortunately affects way more people than previously thought. Some people are too afraid to even talk about it any further. Most of the time, a person is simply pinned down by this old hag.

This thing will enter their bedroom, sometime during the late night hours. It is believed, although not confirmed, that this happens sometime after midnight. A person continues to lay on their bed not being able to scream or breath. It feels as if something is pinning them down, as they continue to struggle breathing.

Pressure seems to overwhelm them, as their chest feels like it is weighted down upon. These visitations, apparently continue to keep happening around the world. It seems that nobody is ever really safe from these things. Perhaps even, these are some kind of demonic force going after those more vulnerable to this kind of things.

So, what can someone do for help? Seeking out an exorcist may well be one option. Don’t face something like this alone. Seek out the assistance of others, versus fighting back alone. Also, searching for medical treatment with specialized counsel is a good starting point. In dramatic fashion, some have sought the help of an Exorcist as well.

(Source: Ghost Theory)

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