Reality Glitch Demonstrates We Are Living In A Simulation, A Tree Grew Inside Of A Car

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This unexplained video demonstrates that some kind of alternate reality may exist. A tree seen in this video, looks as if it grew right through a car. Some believe this was setup as an art project but others are dumbfounded as to what exactly happened.

According to the source who shared the video originally the lady said, “People think that it’s only in Africa such thing would happen. The Bible says In the end-time, strange things would be happening that no one can fathom, and this is one of such.“

The exact location of where this took place isn’t known yet, but likely this isn’t Africa. A Nigerian news site known as first reported the story. After it was posted, it didn’t take long for the video and photos from it to start going viral online.

Tree growing inside car

Other than the car being wielded around the tree (which would take a considerable amount of time) this tree does indeed appear to have grown right through this car. There are roots that look as if they were growing into the ground under the car. The tree seems like it teleport-ed right inside this tree. 

The bottom frame has been damaged from the tree and inside the drivers car seat seems to be destroyed. The tree seems to have punctured right through the roof of the car.

There appears to be no damage to either side of the car otherwise. The tree pierced its way through this vehicle. Imagine being the owner of this car, when they came back to see this. They certainly were in for a shocking surprise!

Many think we are living inside the matrix, a simulated reality. When we see things like this, we can only question about it further. Otherwise, there is something beyond human comprehension happening that we cannot fathom yet.

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