Terrifying spirit scares away two little girls

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This video perhaps is one of the scariest on the internet. Seen in mere moments, are several young girls sitting around at a children’s table. It doesn’t take long, until both girls become inherently frightened. At first, one girl points at the other laughing at her being afraid, until she herself becomes terrified.

Little girl sees ghost

The shrilling scream made by the second girl in the video, is enough to send a deep chill down one’s spine. Seemingly, both of these children witnessed something supernatural in a blink of an eye. Speculations are…these two girls, both watched a spiritual manifestation moving around within the room they were in.

It is unknown, whether or not the mother, sitter or guardian heard could see the spirit as well. It is believed that children can see some things, that adults simply cannot. Animals are believed to be able to see spirits as well. This may well explain why children and animals may act strangely in certain moments. They may be reacting to something that we cannot see with our very own eyes.

Perhaps the explanation is, children’s souls are not tainted like adults are. The world creates monsters, that sometime take human form. Likewise, there are spirits of darkness that linger within the world as well. It is believed that possessions take place for both good and evil forces. These possessions lead to people doing the unthinkable, such as a heroic feat or a moment of madness.

Maybe seen in this moment, is real evidence of something caught on camera. Scientifically, the human brain can create illusions that are not there. People who suffer from schizophrenia, can see delusions of things that aren’t really there. Their mind can play tricks upon them.

Terrifying scream by little girl seeing ghost

Logically, the girls seen in the video, both seem to react the same way. Did one girl simply react to the others emotional state of being? Sometimes children can do this, but this time things seem much different.

It seems quite strange, that both of these little girls reacted the same way to whatever was behind them on this day. Both of them seem equally terrified at what they were seeing. It makes one wonder what might have been there. Speculations are, this was some kind of ghostly spirit of some sort.

Towards the end of the video, the girls can be seen looking back at the same spot again. They continue to keep screaming and are clearly upset. Whatever is there is upsetting them. It seems odd, that the mother or guardian didn’t investigate or take the children away from the room, to calm them down.

All of this is simply unexplainable and is another example that things aren’t always what they seem to be. This copy of the video, was first published back on Oct 30, 2012. It is unknown where this took place.

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