Former KGB Agent Releases Alien Video Footage

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Known as a security agency for the Soviet Union between the years 1954 until 1991, the KGB once existed. Known in English as Committee for State Security, the KGB (Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti) intercepted an extraterrestrial entity, that was later documented in a 1988 video. What is seen, allegedly is a base located in a remote area. There inside, was mankind’s greatest discovery, an alien being of some sort.

KGB footage of living alien

This familiar looking entity, looks quite typically like a grey alien – that is seen in many movies and artistic renditions. This video was unauthorized to be released. However, the man who filmed all of this, was a KGB agent. Risking his own life, he captured and released this incredible footage. Later, the video made its way onto the internet by someone. It is not known, if this was the same KGB agent or someone else who had gotten ahold of the video.

From what is understood, this video shows an alien detained in an underground base. This alien crashed somewhere and was possibly injured. Under secret operation, the alien was later held in a dark room, which appears to resemble that of an interrogation room. This alien, allegedly made contact with people there through telepathy.

The agent who recorded this video, said he noticed locked doors once inside the base. He could hear sounds unlike anything ever heard before. Since he had access to this location, he was able to document everything with his camera. The people there, all seemed to put on protective suits out of concern for contamination. He was told to put a suit on and informed that he wasn’t in any kind of danger.

KGB footage of living alien in base

He was then led towards a chamber, that contained the alien creature. Using telepathy, the alien made contact with him, asking for the KGB agent to contact his superiors…so it could then be released.

While recording everything, people around him seemed quite nervous. The base he was taken to he didn’t know existed. Before reaching this alien interrogation room, he passed by other rooms and noticed other things moving around inside, that were simply not human.

The entire incident is a rather mysterious one. This crash happened somewhere on Earth but the location isn’t known. Something such as this, is difficult to believe but is also tough to dismiss.

Before leaving this secret underground facility, the KGB agent was told to keep this recording on record. The video was to be used for “future negotiations”. It seems that this agent, was soon involved with something “top secret” after all. Below is the video floating around the internet.

(Source: Alien Related and UFO News Alien)

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