Grey aliens captured on camera

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Known by many as “Grey aliens” they are believed to be observers upon our world. Countless sightings have been recorded. In television and movies, they are often portrayed as a threat to mankind. Whether or not they actually are a threat is the defining question. Conspiracy theorists believe they actually exist and some of them have even been captured for further study.

This particular video is quite fascinating. It seems to show a grey alien inside some sort of government facility. This video dates back to 1987, a Mexican officer received this footage in a remote undisclosed location. The military base is known as G13. It’s whereabouts is entirely unknown. There are some people who believe this base to be located in the United States. In which state, is also unknown.

Grey alien at G13

The informant mentioned that Mexico complies with the Information Exchange Protocol. This gives neighboring governments authority to secretly disclose and exchange sensitive information. The information pertains to celestial beings, space travel and extraterrestrial technologies.

What has been mentioned is the video seen is at a staging facility. This is where alien beings are tested for light sensitivity including their reactions and reflexes. Further studies include brain activities as well. Those doing these tests include both the military and secret scientists who maintain SSI (Sensitive Security Information). Many believe there are several secretive agencies which were established to investigate such research.

Grey alien

The video shown appears to be testing this grey alien with auditory reactions. Whether or not the alien can communicate or hear in such a way is unclear. The footage isn’t very long but there is enough to see the alien turn its head and move slightly. On the wall appear the be the number 3 written on the wall behind the alien. What this means is anybodies best guess.

Another video was discovered showing the same grey type alien outside in the woods. It appears to stand then begins walking towards the right after a short while. There are several beeps which were used to overwrite the audio of peoples voices to protect their identities. This video was taken at the same facility known as G13. Whether or not this is the same alien seen in the previous video is unknown as well.

Alien in woods circle

Like many of these videos there are a certain amount of speculation surrounding them. If these videos are in fact for real then they are remarkable and are genuine evidence of extraterrestrial interaction. It’s a big universe surely we are not alone.

Alien in woods


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