Haunted Disneyland

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Known for being one of the most friendly and fun places to visit, this place is known throughout the world as Disneyland. Many families bring their children to the theme park for fun-filled adventure. We all know the story of the man and the mouse named Mickey. This is the only theme park designed and built under the direct supervision of the late Walt Disney.

This theme park is located at 1313 Disneyland Drive, Anaheim, CA 92802. The park itself actually has a dark side to it; which remains hidden for the most part. Walt Disney initially created the design of the theme park with his daughters back in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Now by recent times well over 650 million guests have visited since the park first opened.

Haunted Disneyland

One attraction in particular known as the Haunted Mansion has a real eerie feel to it. A visitor who remains anonymous by choice mentioned that something very strange was not far from them. Alas, maybe it was their imagination.

Low and behold after this visitor (guest) checked their camera, they noticed something rather strange in their photo. The hallway leading to the doom buggy ride within the Haunted Mansion captured a rather unusual photograph. A child is seen peering their head out of the doom buggy. Not only were they not there when the photograph was snapped, but there were no other children around within 20 or so people.

This may have been a ghost captured on camera with no other explanation. There was no lighting such as flash from a camera, it was all infrared and invisible to the naked eye. Certainly this place is full of surprises, but this was something else they claim.

Years ago, a woman spoke with Walt Disney mentioning that her sons had been killed. They both enjoyed the Haunted Mansion attraction. Walt Disney himself declined her request to spread the ashes around the mansion. Outraged she actually took the ashes of her sons and spread them around the mansion while on the ride.

After this incident—strange occurrences began to happen. There was a report of a small child running around the ballroom scene inside the mansion. A security officer went looking for the child but didn’t find anything. Guests have reported seeing a small boy standing at the exit way crying. When people asked the boy if he needed help he acted as if they weren’t there. There have been reports of this boy suddenly vanishing as well.

A confirmed story with a friend who worked at the mansion stated that he had seen and heard this small boy. Late at night cast members inside the mansion will often run through a section of the room because it gets so quiet. Groups of guests come and go in groups at a time. One female worker was waiting for people when they heard a child laughing nearby. She figured it was the next group which had arrived—but there was nobody else around her.

Glancing around, she noticed out of the corner of her eye something moved. Dismissing it as her imagination she noticed movement around her but it was a blur. Her body began to feel cold and felt something touch her on the shoulder. She was certainly freaked out. After this encounter, she didn’t work inside the Haunted Mansion ever again. Another guest witnessed a small boy pick up something off the floor, turning to her husband he asked him if he had seen this boy. Looking around neither of them could find anything. Perhaps the mansion really is haunted now.

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