Guardian pet spirits

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Everyone could use a friend. Whether it be a fish in a tank or a dog or cat. In a spiritual sense, pets are more than just companions for some people. They are their watchful eyes and ears. These pets are guardians of sorts to selected people. When you choose a pet from a shelter or store, there is something else there calling out to you. It is the soulful spirit of this creature, it is there to help protect you and give you some type of contentment.

For example, dogs are spiritual animals. They exhibit not much development with their brain. But this isn’t to say they aren’t intelligent in other ways. It is just they cannot reason the way humans do turning their thought processes into decisive decisions. Actually they will when it comes to food…this is something all living things have in common. We must feed and forage to exist in this lifetime.

Dogs like some other animals are intuitive about certain things which is going to happen. They also can bring good or bad luck to their owners as well. This is noticeable after acquiring a new pet. It may be subtle but it is there. When an animal companion passes on, it takes it toll on the owners spirit as well. This is what is known as a spirit bond. The pet will depart the earth plane of existence and make its transition into the next.

In some tribes across the world, there are rituals performed to help pets cross over to the other side. In the western part of the world—we honor our pet from our memories and like humans we bury their body so it may lay to rest. Sometimes dogs and other pets will bark out randomly. The reason for this is not what we can actually see. There may be a spiritual presence nearby which may be a threat to us. Perhaps it was something harmless as well. But our pet will certainly let us know about it.

These spirits take a personal interest in our safety and general well-being. More often than not a guardian spirit has some sort of connection to you. It may be a deceased family member or a lost friend. Even our past ancestors can help take care of us in some spiritual sense of things. These spirits might also be someone you knew in a past life. They were close to you in some existence. These guardian pet spirits may have only been a part of your life only briefly, but they helped you find your way pointing you on your pathway.

Deceased pet owners who had a strong connection with their guardian pet spirit will feel a real sense of loss. This is natural and these pets continue to watch over us beyond the grave. With all the challenges life throws at us, these sanctuary spirits are there by our side.


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