Friend Photographs Alien Entity From Inside Of Car

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Speculations about this are, the photo is nothing but digital manipulation. While this is a possibility, this photograph has since remained a fascination for many. Seen behind the boy sitting in the adjacent car seat, appears to be a bug-eyed alien entity. Is this someone wearing a costume or some kind of alien human hybrid getting in on the action.

Mother Photographs Alien Entity From Her Car

The photograph made its way onto Reddit about 5 years ago. The original post, has since been deleted for whatever different reason. One user commented saying, this is nothing more than a billboard photograph in the background, of a woman wearing sunglasses.

Other conclusions about this are that Photoshop was used. Also, it could be Pareidolia, when people see patterns in random data. Examples of this would include someone seeing “Jesus” inside of clouds in the sky or when someone spots an image of a person on the Moon. People also thought that this could be some kind of fog creating an effect.

While likely this is some kind of manipulation used, Greg Newkirk from Week In Weird asked the original poster some questions about the photograph. This was the only information he posted from his response.

This is what the anonymous person said, “No problem man, it was taken in Melbourne, Florida… she didn’t realize the face at first. She was on the side of what they call “tropical trail”… I guess it’s a long road over there. They had to pull over because the car was overheating and she was trying to keep her nephew calm in the situation.. she wouldn’t lie, she is so freaked out, she won’t drive down this road again…”

The trail that was mentioned, is a stretch of long road which runs between Merritt Island and Satellite Beach in Florida. In particular, this location has had its fair share of paranormal occurrences and other strange sightings. There are many questionable things such as this that occasionally pops up.

A lot of the time, things are faked but sometimes there are a few things that come along that are quite questionable. The photograph is really weird looking. If it is an alien entity, then perhaps it was observing this group of people to learn more about us.

(Source: Week In Weird)

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