Reptilian reporter caught shape-shifting live on TV

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While watching the evening news, one couldn’t imagine such a video being played. However, it seems that a news anchor from Fox News, named Shannon Bream appeared to mutate live on television. She is 46 years old and appears to be an attractive woman normally. While watching her broadcast on this particular news report, her eyes were seen changing unusually.

Her eyes clearly open and then what is seen afterward, makes no sense. Many have made mention that this is some kind of graphic glitch happening. Human beings don’t have eyes such as this. Shannon’s eye lashes seem to stay down, yet her eyes remain open for a mere moment.

Shannon Bream shape shifter

Is this nothing more than some kind of digital interference? Her contact lenses may have become displaced, due to how the lighting hit her eyes creating a really weird look. This is certainly a possibility but others think this is something else entirely.

Shannon isn’t the first new anchor, celebrity or government employee to transform such as this. Many others have been seen glitching out in front of the camera also. Reports of these celebrities changing right in front of them, has been mentioned as well.

One theory is, that these are not in fact humans but alien reptilians in disguise. Using some sort of cloaking device, they appear to us with a holographic covering over them. Sometimes these malfunction for whatever reason.

When this happens, they are then exposed for what they really are. These reptilians have been placed into positions of power, to influence the masses. It is through their celebrity status and/or wealth that they are able to steer the world into a different direction.

alien reptilian reporter Shannon Bream

There are theories about only a small group of individuals or perhaps something else entirely who wish to control people. Only those who live in remote locations or away from the masses – are able to escape the mainstream influence of the modern day world. Where these reptilians came from is unclear and is debated about.

Some believe, that they are living underground and come to the surface during certain times. Perhaps this is done to influence key moments happening in society. Quite often, UFOs are reported about, these may well be superior technologies being used by the reptilians underground. Many movies and television shows, have captured some version or interpretation of this.

Whoever first uploaded Shannon shape-shifting is unknown. However, it was a good catch. This is just another example of the veil slowly being lifted to the vast majority of people. While all of this may well seem like nonsense to many people, it is unwise to quickly dismiss the possibility – despite the fact, that a number of videos continue to reveal shape-shifting glitches made on camera. People will deal with things in different ways, sometimes out of fear they will simply laugh things off.

One person commented:

“That looks pretty damn scary. I would think it was a glitch if I just saw the isolated image, but throughout the whole thing, the picture is constantly crystal clear. And it doesn’t look pix elated like a glitch should look.. unless it’s a CGI hoax, IDK what to make of it..”

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