Small goblin peeks out from tree hole

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While wandering the woods, someone was out filming nature footage with their camera. Along the way, they noticed something rather unusual peek out from a tree hole. At first, this video footage didn’t appear to be anything unusual, until the they returned home to watch it.

Real goblin filmed inside of tree

They were shocked to see,what resembled a small humanoid type of creature. Not much is known about this video, other than it being re-uploaded back on Jun 17, 2016 on Amazing Mystery Videos, a YouTube channel. The original uploaded source, isn’t known. The quality of the video, appears to be pretty good and some details can be made out around the area seen.

Small goblin peeks out from tree hole

Where this took place is unknown, but it is assumed to be somewhere on the east coast if this was in the United States or not. When a tree hole is formed, it usually happens when there is injury to the tree. This can happen when there is breakage of a limb for example. After this, an opening is formed exposing the sapwood.

The sapwood is then attacked by fungi and other bacteria creating a cavity in the bole of the tree. After this happens, forest creatures scurry around making this hole opening their new home. Another phrase for these types of openings are known as tree hollows.

Whoever recorded this, didn’t expect there to be a small goblin-like creature being inside of it. Perhaps they were in complete shock, as they continue recording in awe of what they had witnessed.

Small goblin peeks from tree hole

While watching things like this, it is difficult to believe that it could be actually real. There are many things in our world that we often don’t understand or know about. It is more ignorant to simply dismiss things as fake without knowing more about them first.

If this in fact some kind of goblin, then it would be rather amazing. The mythology of goblins dates back to early European folklore in the Middle Ages. Goblins have a temperament best described as being greedy and outright mischievous by nature.

They are treasure hoarders and much like a dragon, they stash their precious loots where only they can find them. Their lust for gold, gems and other valuables drives them.

Portrayed as being small in stature, they are difficult to spot in some places. These creatures are quite similar to brownies, dwarves, duendes, gnomes, imps, and kobolds. Now, after watching the video, it makes one wonder whether or not this goblin was protecting their stash of cash and if the person filming…stole it from them.

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