The haunted mirror of morality

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Located in a remote area of Baton Rouge, Louisiana is a 200 year old plantation home, with a rather haunting history. Previously, this 10-acre plantation (aside from being lived in as a home) was also used as a bed and breakfast as well.

The Myrtles Plantation Baton Rouge Louisiana

It has since become a hotspot for paranormal hunters and enthusiasts alike. Eerily, during the nighttime hour of 3 AM, a number of ghastly spirits all come out to play. The story is, that four of these ghosts, were a part of a horrible past involving the Woodruff family and their young slave girl named Chloe.

The year was 1817, a woman named Sara Mathilda would go on to inherit the plantation from her father. She went on to marry a man named Clark Woodruff. They had three children together. One day, Clark made the decision to bring a slave with him to their home. It was young Chloe. Later, late one evening…he caught young Chloe eavesdropping on a private conversation he was having with someone. This angered him greatly and out of rage, he cut off Chloe’s ear.

Disgraced by her appearance, Chloe decided to wear a green turban over her head to cover up her ear, which had been mutilated. Chloe was quite upset and wanted to win back the trust of her owners. She was determined to not be sent back into the fields to work in such grueling conditions.

It came to her one day, when she thought up a masterful plan. Chloe baked a birthday cake for the Woodruff’s eldest daughter. However, she put oleander leaves inside the cake. These leaves, were known to be a rather poisonous plant found around the property of the plantation. It seemed to work at first, as the entire family would become sick.

Chloe knew how to cure them with an antidote she concocted. While attempting to nurse the family back to health, she realised the amount of poison she used, would later turn fatal for several of the children.

After the two children died, Chloe confessed to other slaves who were at the plantation. Things quickly took a turn for the worse for Chloe as the other slaves panicked believing they would be blamed for the death of the children. Chloe was then hanged by some of the other slaves. Her lifeless body was then tossed into the Mississippi River.

The family being superstitious, decided to cover up mirrors inside of the home. This is done, to cover up the souls of the fallen – so they may pass onward into the next world. An old tradition, which dates back for many years.

Ghost Chloe the haunted mirror Baton Rouge Louisiana

It was believed, that if the mirrors were not covered up, then the dead would not pass into the next life. They further believed, if this wasn’t done, then they would become trapped within a mere reflection of the current world. One mirror would remain uncovered, this was a normal practice. Visitors who frequent through here, have mentioned seeing a ‘dark-skinned’ ghost with a ‘turban’ on her head while wondering the plantation property.

There have been visitors who have stayed at the bed and breakfast, claiming to see faces of children and faces among other oddities. It is believed that this location is haunted. And with it…this mysterious mirror of morality which has forever left a lasting impression.

Before his last breath, Clark Woodruff went on to plant myrtle crepe trees, which surrounded the property. This where the plantation got its name. The mirror is believed to still be within the home taunting those who dare glance into it as they may not like what they see. Other legends about the Myrtles Plantation include, an ancient Indian burial ground being here, among voodoo practices and other ghosts that frequently haunt this location.

(Source: Listverse)

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