UFO hunt turns dangerous for three hikers in Massachusetts

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UFO in woods

Wandering out in the woods is something people do sometimes. However, what if you went out looking for UFOs at night unable to find your way back? This is exactly what happened to a group of hikers who were out looking for UFOs in the nighttime sky. The location was Blue Hills Reservation, a 6,000 acre state park in Norfolk County, Massachusetts. Located approximately ten miles south of the downtown Boston area.

There were three different young hikers who couldn’t find their way back. Their harrowing experience left them embarrassed from their foolishness. It pays to be prepared when venturing out in nature. You never know what you might meet up with.

Ramona DiFrancesco UFO hunt

Ramona DiFrancesco

Ramona DiFrancesco (one of the hikers) age 18, mentioned they witnessed several different UFOs while traveling on foot. What the claimed to see, was a UFO that formed a triangle—it had three different bright lights and appeared to be bigger than the moon from their perspective.

The hikers were later rescued by police, using a helicopter and K-9 trail dogs after police arrived on the scene. Initially, they received the 911 call at around 10 PM. David Procopio a spokesman from the police department said:

“We sent numerous patrols along with K-9 units and a helicopter. They were believed to be in the Buck Hill area of the reservation.” David also mentioned that none of the hikers were injured. It didn’t take the police very long to find them, at about 10:35 PM they were spotted.

Fearful of falling and getting badly injured, the three hikers Ramona DiFrancesco, Travis Stoecklin and Savannah Winship-Cody decided not to backtrack how they climbed. It quickly got dark and they figured it was far too dangerous to return the same way they went up hill. Being up at this height, brings new views and different perspectives they mentioned.

Savannah age 17, only wore slippers, not the brightness move while journeying into the woods. Some of the terrain they crossed consists of rocks and dense forest. The three of them, eventually made it to the top of the hill after their hour and a half adventure.

UFO recorded Massachusetts hikers lost

Their cellphones were dying out and they didn’t carry any flashlights with them either. They admit they were unprepared for this. Travis age 21 said they went there on the spur of the moment. After weighing in their different options, they decided to phone for help. They did manage to capture a photograph of the alleged UFO.

The police led them down an opposite trail-way and then gave them a ride to their car. It was there when a reporter from WHDH-TV (Channel 7), initially broke the story interviewing Ramona DiFrancesco. Perhaps they learned their lesson the hard way, being more prepared if they ever adventure out again.

(Source: Boston Globe)

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