Cringe worthy Crooked Hillary Clinton

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Some are calling this a battle of freedom vs. tyranny. What is happening in the American election for president is disgraceful and pathetic. Out of an estimated 320 million people living in the country—only a few candidates remain. Are either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump the best choices for president? This can be debated. Both of them have had the spotlight unfairly over others.


What is clear is the election has ultimately been unfair for independents such as Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. Hillary Clinton’s campaign has pushed Senator Bernie Sanders to the side, meanwhile her antics have been laughable on and off stage. While Donald Trump is no saint himself, he certainly is the better option for many people.

Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration has been disruptive to the American way of life with their policies. Many will agree that these are desperate times with desperate measures to be taken. The real threat of a world war could even been on the fringe—with the outcome of this election as tensions rise around the world affecting the global economic crisis.

In the end, perhaps justice will prevail for all. Some people will stop at nothing to rise to the top. Their true reasons for becoming a leader should be to stand up for the people and help them. All the people who have become president may have not been wealthy going in, yet they leave wealthy going out. What they do behind closed doors is disturbing with deals being made with various corporations.

Hacker groups such as Anonymous have promised outcomes to help the people by standing together. What they choose to do next is their next move to be made.


It seems the evil has seeped at the seams and oozed out upon the world. Our sense of worship is not that of God but of money. The phrase “Greed is good” was spoken by Michael Douglas and his character Gordon Gekko in the movie Wall street. Perhaps people listened far too closely.

While the thought of having the first female president is interesting unfortunately it may be filled by a lady who’s only intention to become president is to grab a hold of more power. Donald Trump said it best with his words “Crooked Hillary”. Why would anyone vote for this lady after seeing the following summary of things:


She is a liar, and has constantly said one thing and done the other. She only jumps on the bandwagon to get votes truly her heart isn’t in it for the people. She is in it for the money establishing cover ups for cash and donations. Hillary has taken numerous amounts of money from foreign governments, there is a lot of lost money sitting somewhere with no explanations given.

Hillary Clinton was MIA when the 3am phone call came from Benghazi. The lives of 4 Americans were at stake.

Hillary Clinton has defended a child rapist even laughing about it 40 years ago, while she was still a criminal defense attorney back in 1975. For her, she still sleeps comfortably at night.


There certainly is something shady about Obama endorsing her even after all the scandals. This is a big red flag. They once threw around harsh words back and forth and now they are suddenly best buddies? Why vote for more of the same thing?


Hillary isn’t loved by the public as perceived. There are different things involving this such as green screen fake audiences, to nobody giving a damn at a restaurant. She is controlled by puppet masters who pull her strings so that they will get rich and maintain control of things. This photo showed her not being recognized in the public caught on a security camera.

She has been cheating during the presidential debates.


There is more found HERE and HERE.


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