News Reporter Displays Double Eyes During Broadcast

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Perhaps this was nothing more than a mere camera glitch. However, it may be something else entirely. It seems as though this news broadcaster, was unable to maintain their true form. There are several theories about this.

News Reporter Displays Double Eyes During Broadcast

The first of them being, this was some kind of demonic type presence, unable to keep them self together. These satanic entities are essentially hosting clone bodies for a mass deception. Perhaps even, this man could be instead some sort of alien human reptilian.

It is really weird all of this and many are either laughing at it or thinking something really bizarre is happening within our very world. Another theory about this is, the man seen during the broadcast was a glitched matrix moment caught on camera.

A number of people think that we are truly living inside a simulation. This isn’t the first time recorded moments like this have been captured on video. These kind of moments, date back in time and some have been seen in recent years. The truth of things will be revealed in the near future, for all to see and understand.

All of these theories are far out there logically. However, with so much going on, it is difficult to tell what is real or not anymore. Technology has made it tough to distinguish between things. With so many people documenting everything around them, it is a ticking time bomb. Someone will record definitive proof that has been kept from the public. Until then, people can speculate all that they want.

While watching this news video clip aired by tve? A man explained he noticed something right at the last moment, when the reported attempted to close his very eyes. It looks as if he has a second set of eyes that appear, after closing his “normal eyes”. His blinking seemed to be forced during the entire broadcast.

Someone mentioned that this could be some sort of compression glitch seen. But this is just someone’s opinion at this point. Those more religious, feel that this is more demonic by nature and that demons are already living among us now. Perhaps this is some kind of proof of this.

(Other oddities about the video include his ears being pointed at the tip and as he appeared slightly unsure of things around him, during the video)

Jon White commented, “Back in August of 1994, I was in a little shop at Niagara Falls in Canada on vacation and I saw a rugged looking man who I would estimate to be in his 40’s. He came into the entrance taking his sunglasses off. After he did this, his pupils appeared irregularly shaped. Then they changed back into regular looking pupils again. He said he jumped a little bit after noticing him. Human or not, they began acting like a regular person again inside of the shop.”

Another comment was made by Pauleen White saying, “What rock have you been living under, all news and stars in general are shape shifting reptiles and are apart of the soulless satanic groups.”

The video was first posted on Inaworldoflove YouTube channel.

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