The Rise Of Robotic Law Enforcement

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There are more robots helping out law enforcement lately. These robots would likely save the lives of officers everywhere. Using robots like this, will help lead others to less dangerous situations. Around the globe, robots are assisting police forces. 

A lot of areas need debris cleared away from accident scenes or possible bomb detection. These types of robots, have been initially designed to make stops and even arrest criminals in certain moments. 

Now with more advancements in robotics, officers can even pull over people with a robot alongside the road. However, artificially intelligent robots won’t be replacing humans yet but perhaps one day down the road.

These kinds of robots are becoming a real extraordinary tool for police to use everywhere. Perhaps a standardized type robot will even be seen out into society at some point. 

There are concerns about these robots wielding weapons and being around people. Hackers or attackers could provoke something unintended. Within the United States, there are already a number of robots being used each day. Those interested will likely have future job security if they chose to repair robots for a living.


Robotic “dogs” are already being used out in the real world. One of the first incidents happened in Massachusetts. The state police there are currently testing a robot nicknamed “Spot”.

This dog-like robot can “sniff out” danger. Spot is a multi-role autonomous robot, equipped with an all-round, 360-degree low-light camera and a flexible arm.

Spot has been developed with an open application programming interface (API), which effectively means that customers can customize Spot with their own bespoke software.

Spot robot Boston Dynamics

This particular robot series, was developed by a company known as Boston Dynamics. They are making progress regarding anything and everything robot related.

So far, Spot has been used in several incidents and further testing is being done to create a more everyday type use for these machines. The company has leased Spot over to the Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad for three months starting this summer. 

Concerns have been made regarding someone’s civil liberties. How well these new technologies advance and are used is something many are questioning. One thing for sure is, robots will be more abundant in the future as the cost of manufacturing them continues to drop down.

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