Weird Reptilian Shapeshifting Video Appears Online

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Seen in a rather bizarre video, shows a young woman taping herself on the head and opening her mouth. While this behavior is a bit odd itself, she seems to be using a selfie stick or possibly holding her phone while recording.

The video image moves ever so slightly, as she taps herself on the head. The young woman seen, resembles late singer Aaliyah Dana Haughton, who died tragically back on August 25, 2001 from a airplane crash at the Marsh Harbour Airport, in the Bahamas. The entire thing, was a freak accident it seems.

Reptilian Shapeshifter and Aaliyah

Some are saying this woman is a reptilian shapeshifter of some sort. Most noticeably are her eyes. She appears to be shifting momentarily. Her eyes turn from dark brown to a light blue color. Speculation is, she was simply putting in colored contact lenses. While this is possible, she or whoever else…could have edited this clip to make her eyes appear in such a way.

Perhaps even, due to the quality of the image a special effect was used to make her eyes change. What makes this even weirder is, this was uploaded by someone. Were they seeking attention or is this part of another video not yet seen?

Music was added in the video, along with what sounds like a Tom Hanks voice sample from the Apollo 13 movie released back in 1995. The audio sample says: “Houston, we have a problem.”

Speculation is, something strange is happening in our world lately. Maybe some secretive operations are happening. We may well be living with alien human hybrids and alien reptilians already right under our noses.

Shapeshifting alien hybrid

One person commented saying, “It looks like she didn’t clean her contact lenses, and the camera picked up the reflection of the crud on them.”

The video was posted on the dailymotion website by UFOmania. So far, nobody has an answer about who this girl is. More than likely, this was a publicity stunt to get attention online. There are a number of people who believe – that reptilian shapeshifters are among us and even are controlling our very government. With all the weird things happening nowadays, maybe this isn’t too far fetched after all.

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