Encounter With My First Demon

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One person shared their bizarre encounter which happened to them long ago. It all started when they were 14 years old. For whatever reason, this person has been connected to paranormal incidents. As time has passed, things have only become worse for them.

Quite often, they would see spirits around them that they believed to be friendly. Strangely, they have seen an elderly woman frequently. Later, they learned that this old woman was in fact, their grandmother. It seems all of this started for them, back when they were only 10 years old. Allegedly, they can communicate with spirits as a medium of sorts.

Years later, their parents decided to move and they found a nice apartment to stay in. Now, they had their very own bedroom and bathroom for the very first time. Things seemed good for them, no longer were they depressed and wanting to die.

Admittedly, they explained just how much of a little punk they were. Before they were failing in school and walked around with a sassy attitude about everything. They had only one friend who’s name is Alice. She was a shoulder to lean on and understood them.

One day, they explained to Alice about a negative energy they felt was surrounding them. It seemed to happen while in their bedroom. Deciding to get away from this, they went over to Alice’s home and would spend practically every other day there, including weekends.

When young people get together, they can sometimes do stupid things. On one weeknight, they decided to make a ghost video as a joke. Everything seemed innocent enough at first, until they overheard an older man saying “get out” and “stop”. Only a kind of static was heard after this.

The pair decided to hide under the covers on that night but they felt like something or someone was watching them. Out of nowhere, the mirror in the room began to squeak. They looked over towards it and noticed that it moved open then slammed shut again. They were terrified after this and woke up their friend Alice. Both of them went into the living room where they waited until their mother would wake up for breakfast.

Several months later, another friend came over to spend the night at their apartment. Vast asleep, they suddenly woke up and soon realized that this thing was back in the room with them. They said out loud, “Go away, leave me alone”.

My First Demon

Not long after this, the blankets were ripped off of their bed and were pushed back upon them. They couldn’t breath, it was as if they were being choked to death by the blankets. Managing to kick their friend with one foot, she woke up…only then could they breath again. Sobbing from fear and their face filled with tears, she explained what was happening to her.

Later during the night, they felt something was walking over their head. At first, they thought it was their cat. Only it wasn’t, the cat was in the other room. They started cleansing the room saying chants, perhaps something from The Bible. After this, things started to get better.

One night later, when they got out of their shower and stepped into the room wearing pajamas, they looked over by their closet mirror. It was then when they began screaming, meanwhile being overwhelmed with a sense of fear. There was a man laying down on their bed with a red and orange orb, cackling maniacally.

Their mother rushed into the room, to see what was going on. She explained what had happened and how long all of this had been going on for. Her mother then explained she too had been experiencing the very same thing.

The father explained he noticed shadows by their room. He wouldn’t walk down the hallway near his daughter’s bedroom because of these incidents. The girl tried to make sense from all of this, only to reach the conclusion that her bedroom was a portal of sorts.

The guy who lived here before, apparently was a devil worshiper and apparently opened up a connection to the underworld. The family thought that they moved into a nice place, only to soon realize it was cursed. This demonic encounter is something they will never forget. It is unknown if they move to another place but likely so. They will never forget this, nor will they ever truly recover from it.

(Source: True Ghost Tales)

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