The Corpse Bride

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corpse bride

The display is disturbing to some while fascinating to others. Located in Chihuahua, Mexico is one sight spectators have been coming to see since 1930. Known as the corpse bride, this mannequin stands upright inside a shop named La Popular (La Casa De Pascualita). This spooky lifelike bridal mannequin gazes out into the street with a steady stare.

This would be fairly common in most areas if this was just an actual mannequin, but it is believed that she is the owner’s daughter known as Pascuala Esparza who is preserved forever at the shop. Her uncanny resemblance is disturbing, tragically she died from a black widow spider bite on her wedding night.

People who live in this area have come to the conclusion that this is Esparza’s daughter. There are visitors from all over the world who have come to see this strange sight for themselves. If this isn’t the corpse bride, then it is certainly one of the more clever publicity stunts put together over the decades.

La Pascualita has been resurrected in some way, taking a life of her own. Rumors of a love-struck French magician came here ready to take her out on the town. It is believed that he used his magic to bring her back to life—so that they may be together. One theory is this happens at night upon a clear moonlit sky giving a sense of mystery to the evening.

There are only two employes who are allowed to change her clothing and only behind closed doors. It is something which has made them uncomfortable.

corpse bride in mexico

Sonia Burciaga, who works at the shop and changes the outfits of La Pascualita said:

“Every time I go near Pascualita my hands break out in a sweat. Her hands are very realistic and she even has varicose veins on her legs. I believe she’s a real person.”

Whether it is their imagination or not, there are reports of the mannequin moving her eyes and changing positions during the night. As the townspeople grew angry, Pascuala Esparza formally denied the allegations that this is her daughter but many believe otherwise.

Now some 75 years later, people have come to revere La Pascualita as a saint, leaving candles and offering prayers in front of the window. Some ask for good fortune, but most come to her seeking guidance in matters of love.

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