This cursed haunted website has people scared

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Most people believe in something otherworldly or at least the thought of it. Numerous movies, stories and books have mentioned paranormal and supernatural things. Perhaps one of the strangest and spookiest things, to have come along in recent times, is simply a web page dedicated to a little girl known as Repleh Snatas. Quite creepily, this name spells out backwards “Satan’s Helper”. The name is actually pronounced as Re-Pleur Snatus.

There are many questions about her, that remain unanswered and like many things such as this, it remains quite skeptical. However, there is something really off about all of this. The site was created by an online web design service known as Wix. This site allows users to create HTML5 websites, that are even mobile friendly by using a drag and drop type builder.

This website seems to be a memorial for someone who had died. Speculation is, the site is based upon the Bloody Mary ghost games, people have been playing for many years. Rumors have quickly spread about this creepy website.

While people are claiming all of this to not be true, it would be wise to think otherwise. There may well be something behind all of this, that is pure evil. While warnings have been mentioned, nobody should be killed after looking at this site so far. The safest bet, is to simply avoid the site altogether. Like many, curiosity got the better of everyone, so a screenshot was taken as seen below.

Repleh Snatas website

It is believed that this little girl was born sometime during the 18th century. She entered the world allegedly after 3 or 4 different miscarriages. The mother said, that in order for her to be born, the others had to die. This was creepy to say the least.

Later, a birthmark appeared on the little girls face. She apparently was being abused, after showing a marking made by the devil itself. Rumors spread, that the little girl, was only able to play, during the midnight hour.

Repleh Snatas little girl

Allegedly, for a while…the website was only available online, right at midnight. The witching hour, is also believed to be at midnight consequently. From what is known, the mother loved her daughter very much. However, her father fell victim to the rumors about his daughter, so he eventually went insane. He started to lock Repleh into a room that was full of mirrors. He then told her that if she ever looked into one then it would crack and the Devil would get her.

The story further mentions, that the little girls father killed both her and her mother. Afterward, he took his own life, after being tormented so. The method he used to kill them, was to tie them both up to trees in the middle of the forest. They were positioned, facing back to back from one another. The little girl Repleh, was buried under this tree…as a proper burial was simply out of the question.

Repleh Snatas website curse

The legend is, if you write Repleh Snatas on a mirror 6 times under candle light, then blow the candle out, the mirror will crack and she will appear right behind you. After this, the candle is lit again. After closing one’s eyes, she will soon be gone. If someone were to turn around right at this moment, then they would be killed by her. It is believed if you enter someone’s name, then Repleh Snatas will get revenge for you. Perhaps she is able to manifest for only a few mere moments, but that is all it takes for her to take control and slay her next hapless victim. Those daring enough can further check out the site. It is believed to have been altered since its original design. Still though, creepy music can be heard playing while visiting the site.

(Source: Unbelievable World)

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