Baby girl sleeps on head from poltergeist possession

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Mikaela Longs niece

Mikaela said: “Do I call the parents the exorcist?”

What appears to be a rather unusual display, shows the niece of an actress named Mikaela Long. On the baby monitor, she watched as her niece apparently did a headstand while sleeping. This isn’t typical behavior for a child to sleep this way.

While it seems innocent in some way, there may be something in the room with the young little girl. The photograph went viral last year and still is floating around the internet from Twitter. Many don’t know what to make of it.

Perhaps it is just a phase this girl is going through. How healthy is it though for someone to sleep on their head? Probably not the best thing. During the time the photo was taken, the girls mother mentioned she has been athletic lately. She also said her daughter was just settling down, trying to get comfortable.

Mikaela Long TwitterSince the photograph was first posted on Twitter, it has been replied to 331 times, re-tweeted 62k and liked 127k. When children act in peculiar ways, it is a sign that their imagination is quite active most of the time. While it is uncommon, sometimes another element can come into play. Some believe that this girl experienced a poltergeist transference.

Poltergeists are believed to be responsible for physical disturbances among the living. Sometimes loud noises or objects may be thrown around rooms. People themselves can seemingly become possessed and being behaving strangely as well. Like many things, it isn’t out of the question that people themselves could be moved across the room by a supernatural force of some kind.

There are a number of poltergeist stories suggesting that this phenomena is caused subconsciously. A particular person may have some sort of latent psychokinetic ability. This means they can move things with their mind but not consciously control their power.

Like many things, often ghosts are believed as the cause of the abnormal. However, there are demonic forces which wander our Earth as well. All of these spirits and demons are dangerous especially to those most vulnerable.

An innocent child, can be a target for something such as this. Likewise, many adults are vulnerable as well. People suffering from mental retardation and who have special needs can be targeted by a poltergeist spirit. They are often misunderstood anyways occasionally get picked on or ridiculed in some way.

For those wondering, the little girl does eventually lay back down, as she gets comfortable.

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