Tour bus accidentally crosses Area 51 base

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While it still remains a fascinating and mysterious place, Area 51 has become a centerpiece for conspiracy theories. People have claimed to have been abducted by aliens here, simply wanting to return home. Other paranormal related oddities are believed to happen here as well. One thing for certain is, this is a military operation base. (at least partially)

Many believe there are many secret operations happening below the surface here—regarding the existence of alien life, UFO spacecrafts and more. A lot of theories exist, regarding the reverse engineering that has brought forth today’s technological advancements. Perhaps some of this actually took place on these very premises.

Area 51 tour bus tour Dennis Ryan

Back on May 28, 2014, a tour bus got more than they bargained for, when they inadvertently crossed into classified territory here.

What happened was a tour bus went too far. The bus accidentally entered Area 51’s military base. Afterward, both the driver and the tour passengers were all intercepted by secret military personnel. Charges were later filed on both the driver and passengers—aboard the Adventure Photo Tour bus.

All of them, were charged with trespassing. Several men approached them, after pursuing them down the road in an unmarked vehicle. They were dressed in desert camouflage gear, both armed with semi-automatic weapons.

Dennis Ryan

Each of them were fined $650 dollars each, with a misdemeanor conviction. The Adventure Photo Tour company, would at some point—possibly be forced to close down from their costly mistake. The DA (District Attorney) was contacted by the co-owner. It was driver Dennis Ryan’s honest mistake to cross the line, as he took his passengers across after being distracted.

warning sign Area 51

Normally, the “Keep out!” sign is a landmark for tourists, around the Area 51 military base. Instead what happened, was a mere distraction by one of the tourists aboard the bus. As seen in the video, Dennis Ryan was distracted after the tourist asked him some sports related questions.

Donna Tryon, owner of Adventure Photo Tour, told KLAS-TV of Las Vegas, “Our guys make it a point to tell the passengers that, you know, you can’t go over that line, and if you step over that line, you’re on your own.” But she neglected to explain what would happen if the driver himself took you over the forbidden line.

All of the charges for both parties involved were dropped. However, the driver is no longer permitted to approach Area 51 for a minimum of two years. The DA also dictated that the video of the approaching security vehicles recorded by the van’s forward camera could not be made public.

This incident is something these five people will never forget.

(Source: Altered Dimensions)

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