Giant Mutant Worm Wiggles Across Mexican Road

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An unusual discovery was made by Eric Ivan from the Mexican city of La Paz, Baja California Sur. It happened recently when Eric was riding his bicycle late one night. He went to this location originally to admire the local paintings surrounding the area. Only what he found next wasn’t a painting.

Baja California

To Eric’s surprise, he might have documented a most bizarre creature. This elongated creature, seems to resemble that of an over-sized worm. What makes it even more odd, is how the worm was “standing” upright along the road.

Giant Worm Wiggles Across Mexican Road

The young bicyclist was peddling near the hills of Cerro de La Calavera. From what is understood, he had a lamp attached to the front of his bicycle. It was enough to illuminate what appeared to the a large worm on the road. He was around 30-40 feet away from the creature. It moved according to him and appeared to be a wiggling along the road. He said, “It was a worm with human growth!”

This cryptozoological creature, isn’t like anything seen before. There are many different species of living things in the world. Perhaps this is another far more elusive and rare species finally discovered. Some speculate, if this might even be some kind of alien entity of some sort. Anything is a possibility including of course this being fake.

This mystery worm apparently had a reflectiveness to its body. Eric said that it moved fast while on the road. Most unusually, is why it wasn’t crawling like a typical worm would do. This thing was upright and vertical. It seemed to use its bottom or rear like a person would a foot to move.

Giant Worm Wiggles On Mexican Road

Thinking quickly, Eric was able to snap at least one photograph of this super worm with his camera phone. It didn’t take long for this worm, to wander away onto the opposite side of the road before disappearing into the rock crevices.

When Eric returned home, he posted the photograph onto the social media site Facebook. Perhaps the most disturbing thing for Eric was hearing what sounded like an inhuman cry coming from the darkness on that night from the wilderness.

With a mysterious phenomenon such as this, it is easy to dismiss it ever so quickly. However, we do not know whether or not this is fake at this point. Perhaps an investigation of this location, can turn up more information about the worm.

It seems that his profile has been set to privacy settings. Eric might not have accounted for the quick attention that his photograph received. Some think that he was afraid and that all of this is one big hoax. Most skeptics believe that this is a just a piece of dirt or dust on the camera lens, and Ivan later explained his story about the mysterious cryptid worm. One person noted, it was just a moth caught in the camera shot. Others think this is real and an amazing discovery.

There had been heavy rainfall in this area and this may have led to this species surfacing. This happens to typical earthworms for example, when the ground gets soaked. Another possibility is this may have come from the ocean instead, since the water isn’t far away. Regardless, the possibility that a mutant sized worm like this exists is fascinating.

(Source: abc news)

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