Satanic Russian Teenager, Burns Down Church Built By Catherine The Great

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A church built by Catherine the Great stood for nearly 250 years, until 15 year old Ignat Sharapov decided to sacrifice it in the name of Satan. The church was built next to Lake Onega back in 1774. There isn’t much left of the church, as it has been desecrated and demolished.

The wooden constructed church, was built by Catherine the Great as she commissioned it to be constructed 244 years ago. The church fell, due to the intense flames which burned it down. The raging inferno caught the attention of many.

The hunt for who was responsible, was very short lived as Ignat Sharapov confessed to doing it. Experts estimated that it would cost around $1.2 million dollars to reconstruct the church. The church would need to be 12 storeys tall. Many will miss the old church, that has been a part of Kondopoga within the Karelia republic of northern Russia.

Satanist Teen Burns Church In Russia

The motive of burning the church down was simple. The young boy, said that he didn’t like the church. He identifies as being a Satanist and wanted to make a statement. Was this done for attention or a cry for help? Many questions remain unanswered.

Before burning down the church, he asked his grandmother to wrap up some homemade biscuits for both he and his friend. Allegedly, Sharapov read something on his friend’s computer which upset him clearly.

Not long after, his demeanor changed according to his friend. When he stood up he said…‘I’m going to burn down the church’. Using around five liters of gasoline, he set the building on fire. After this, he watched for a while as he walking along the lake.

With the wood being so old and brittle, the church burned down rather quickly. It was too late for firefighters to do much, as they rushed to the scene of the famous church site. Unable to extinguish the hot fire, the church tower bell fell after a few minutes. It took merely two hours, to destroy a landmark of history and culture that took many hours to initially build. A reported 20 firefighters attempted to salvage anything that they could using tools and machines.

Church In Kondopoga Burned Down By Satanist

After this, the boy from afar fled the scene and was later apprehended when his grandmother contacted the emergency services to report the fire. Police took the teen into custody, as further investigations continued. This criminal case will have consequences for the teen, who is now involved in an infamous arson incident.

As the investigation took place, it was discovered that Sharapov’s social media account had photographs of another burning church. This was perhaps part of his inspiration to burn down the historical church landmark. Other satanic images were also discovered on his social media account, including devil-worshipping signs and various slogans.

Sharapov is a deeply troubled teen. His cousin stated that Ignat believes in Satan and has previously been seen cutting the heads off hens “just out of interest”. He has spray painted a wall with a satanic symbol also.

The boy’s mother Larisa Sharapova, 49, hasn’t commented yet about what her son did.

(Source: Mirror)

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