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A Large Alien Bird Terrified Australia Back In 1927

While many were skeptical of this, a report was made about this cryptozoological creature back in 1927. Many reports such as these are difficult to believe, but are equally fascinating. In nature, mutation sometimes happens but this would be an extreme example of it.  Located in a town known as Fernvale, Australia an unexplained event

Deputies Dashboard Camera Captures Chupacabra In Dewitt County, Texas

Back in 2008, a pair of Dewitt County sheriff’s deputies witnessed something astounding. One of them began to record what is known to be a chupacabra. These cryptozoological creatures, have been talked about for years and have plagued farmers livestock – by killing them and drinking their blood.  Seen in this rare video footage, is

The Grafton Monster Of West Virginia

One rather bizarre and unexplained encounter, has since sparked other sightings. The first event took place in Grafton, West Virginia. In more recent times, The Grafton Monster, was allegedly recorded on the television series, Mountain Monsters on Destination America. This mysterious creature, has been also featured in the 2018 Fallout 76 video game as well.