Giant underwater humanoids found

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Tian Shan mountains

The area is known as Issik Kul “Warm Lake” it is located in the northern Tian Shan mountains of central Asia. This area is fairly cold…yet despite this, the lake never seems to freeze.

A paranormal Russian researcher by the name of Illya Grabovsky decided they would explore this lake. Legends mentioned rumors of strange underwater caves being there. He and his team went onward to find a local who gave them a rough idea where to start.

Issyk Kul lake

The man mentioned that when he went fishing, he noticed a cavern at the northwest part of the shore around the lake. They decided to go there despite the treacherous conditions. After setting up camp, the next day they went inside.

When they explored further, they found the remains of three different human skeletons. They were rather large approximately 10 feet tall. Each of them were wearing strange silver amulets around their necks.

The emblem on these amulets were shaped like a bat. They were certainly puzzled by this. It was odd later that these men sold off the silver amulets only keeping a small piece as a memento. Reports of UFO objects with a similar shape were noted in this area as well.

underwater city

A Kyrgyz legend states that there was a sunken city at the bottom of the lake. The last reigning ruler was King Ossounes. They were known for being a giant with long shaped ears. They were also able to fly between each of the mountain peaks.

In the 1980’s, the lake was used as a testing area for torpedoes and missiles by the Soviets. Their deep sea divers (frogmen) wearing their dive suits, went down deeper to explore. The year was 1982 and on one particular mission, some divers encountered something extraordinary.

Humanoid underwater

Swimming past them, were large aquatic humanoid creatures certainly 10 feet long at least. These beings were wearing silvery suits which tightly fit them. The depth they were at was around 150 feet. These silvery suits didn’t look like anything the Soviets were using and they had sphere shaped helmets on which concealed their heads.

Attempts were made to capture one of them, but with decompression and inferior equipment—they were unable to. Irkutsk fishermen mentioned that Soviet divers were being thrown out of the water at heights between 30-50 feet above the waters surface. With the decompression this led to many of the Soviets contracting aeroembolism (caisson disease) also known as “The bends”.

Giant discs and spheres illuminating underwater have been reported as well. Some things were documented stating that both Lake Baikal and Issik Kul were part of a wider phenomenon. What these creatures are is still yet to be proven. It is suspected they are something not of this Earth.

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