Girlfriend And Boyfriend Encounter Glitchy Blue Humanoid Within Washington State National Park

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It was an experience neither of them would soon forget. About two months ago, one guy and his girlfriend went out to hike deep within Washington State National Park. His estimation was they were around 15-20 miles away from any kind of civilization. 

Washington State National Park couple

Both of them are in fairly good shape and kept pace with one another, as they trans versed through the wilderness. As they ventured forth, there was a group of people ahead of them about 300 feet away. Nobody else was around them that they could see.

Out of nowhere, a really tall man came from behind them. They described him being pale and his skin was really pale with a bluish tint. He seemed quite fast, as he was running along the trail. They also noticed him wearing a dark red colored jacket. The man said his girlfriend went ahead of him and started snapping pictures of the nearby waterfall during this moment. 

The tall blue toned man soon approached him. For a short while he didn’t make a sound as he came to where they were. When he turned around, the tall man was there. It almost seemed like he teleported there.

The tall man began to ask him awkward questions and didn’t introduce himself. The tall man even mentioned personal experiences right from the start. He seemed to have unusual social skills if none at all. Something seemed off about him. He also noticed his malformed facial features, which made it difficult to understand where he was from. 

The man also noticed he was not prepared for such a hike into the wild. The tall man’s clothes were neat and unusually clean. Really, they seemed like they were right off the rack from the store. He also noticed his clothes had no wrinkles, stains or scratch marks on them. The man thought to himself, “How do you hike at that speed in the wilderness and not catch a branch or get dirty after hiking 15 miles into dense forest??!!”

His girlfriend soon approached them. She wondered what was going on. The tall man seemed really anxious and upset all of a sudden. At this moment, the tall man seemed to have emotion in his voice…like he was worried about something or someone. The tall man said, “I looked all over for my partner.” 

When the man and his girlfriend looked back, the tall blue man was gone. It was as if he vanished from the face of the earth. Neither of them could believe what had happened. The man said, “I’ve been all over the US and I’ve never quite heard an accent like his and he just gave an awkward nervous vibe.”

The man felt surprised and shocked about what had happened. He compared it to being pulled over after running a stop sign or being called into work for no good reason. He wanted to answer the tall man’s awkward questions but really couldn’t. 

All of it seemed strange to the both of them. They looked around but couldn’t find this tall man again. Unable to understand who or what he was, their only conclusion was this was some kind of extraterrestrial or dimensional being of some kind. Was there some kind of glitch that happened? 

(Source: Reddit)

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