The real men in black

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Men in Black Witness drawing

Movies and television shows have been made about incidents involving what are known as “The Men in Black”. These odd looking fellows seem to question any attempts of someone presenting real alien life evidence to the public.

Whatever they may be, either governmental or extraterrestrial—they have appeared dating back to 1947. A pilot named Kenneth Arnold claimed to have seen six doughnut disc shaped objects hovering over Mount Rainier in the state of Washington.

Mount Rainier

This mountain is the highest point (also known as Mount Tacoma or Mount Tahoma). This event is known as the “Maury Island Incident”. He claimed that a clump of strange metal fell on his dog’s head. Afterward at breakfast, a man approached him wearing a black suit telling him to keep quite about what happened.

The man appeared to be pale in complexion also wearing a hat. This man also asked about the metal and if he had it in his possession. This continued for a period of time, eventually he never saw the strange man again. They then drove off in their 1947 Buick Sedan.

In 1964, it was a sunny day a man named Jim Templeton captured an extraordinary image when he took a photograph of his daughter. What was standing behind her was chilling. An unusual being is seen standing behind her. The Kodiak film company proclaimed that this photograph is indeed authentic without any tampering done to it.

Jim Templeton daughter

What followed was even stranger—as two pale men wearing dark black suits asked to see the site where he took his photograph. They refused to identify themselves other than agents #9 and #10. When they asked Jim about the strange being he had seen they seemed frustrated and angry leaving Jim alone in the field where the photo was taken.

Director Albert K. Bender who worked for a research group known as The International Flying Saucer Bureau, announced his sudden retirement after being visited by three men with eyes shaped like flashbulbs. They were pale and wore dark suits.

Albert K Bender

What they said to to him haunted him for years to come. Simply “If we hear another word from you, bad things will come your way”. Several years passed, in 1968 Bender published a book explaining the incident in greater detail. This book is titled “The Men in Black”. These same strange men visited from a place known as Kazik, also mentioning to him that they had infiltrated the Pentagon.

A doctor named Herbert Hopkins experienced a strange moment back in 1976, when he received a phone call. They asked him if he was alone after he replied “Yes, I am” immediately there was knock at his door. It was as if—they were there the entire time waiting for him.

A man was at his door, the looked pale wearing a dark black suit. He was hairless and his skin looked plastic-like according to Herbert. He also described the man’s mouth, it was red with a slit masked by heavy red lipstick. Holding out in his pale hand this man had a coin. This coin seemingly dematerialized before his very eyes. The man in black said “He would never be on this plane again”. Herbert was traumatized by what he had seen and heard.

Men in Black Lobby

More recently, at the Sheraton Hotel located in Niagara Falls, Ontario were two tall men captured on video wearing black suits. They asked to speak with the manager in private. A lady working at the front desk mentioned that these men were quite strange in their behavior and appearance. They muttered to one another about things making no sense regarding governments and conspiracies. She was struck with fear looking more careful at him. They had no facial hair, eyebrows etc. They also seemed to be wearing wigs that looked like they were attached to their hats. Their eyes she described were oddly large and blue.

They never once blinked either she claimed. The men can be seen walking through the doorway into the lobby area which was captured on the security camera. The video was made available by the hotel which can be seen below. This happened back on October 14th of 2008. All of these events seem to have one thing in common, strange men wearing black suits who appear pale and were odd in their behavior.

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