Gigantic underwater wall discovered from Google Earth

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A mysterious underwater wall, was discovered and later posted by a channel known as Flat Earth Arabic. Among the miraculous videos on the channel, this one showcases this large scaled wall, which seems to reach for many miles. It is mysterious, yet unexplained.

Underwater hidden wall Google Earth

Miraculously, the wall seems to reach for tens of thousands of miles. Visually, this may just be a graphical mistake of some kind. Sometimes parts of the world map, simply do not match up correctly. This later results in showing something that seemingly may not even be there. That being said, people don’t know for sure, whether or not this is 100% a glitch of some kind. It is believed, in all likeliness, people are seeing a digital aspect from pole mapping.

Hidden underwater wall

Google uses different images while mapping Earth. These images can result in there being mistakes sometimes. If there really is a large scale underwater wall that does exist, then wouldn’t the media and others know about it? The problem is, we cannot trust everything that is seen or discovered anymore. People have much more power in their hands, than they used to. We are living in a digital age. Sometimes things simply get filtered to the masses intentionally.

Google Earth underwater wall

A number of UFO enthusiasts and other conspiracy theorists, have located different things from Google Earth that remain a mystery still. Some of these discoveries include ancient hidden pyramids, mysterious towers, petroglyphs and sunken cities. The question is, were they even real?

One example of this was in Mexico. Located at the coordinates of: -12 ° 8’1.5’N, 119 ° 35’26.4’W- a researcher discovered that of a gigantic submarine pyramid. Others still seek out missing structures including pyramids, that have eluded experts for decades.

Back in 2012, a United States researcher by the name of Angela Micol, found pyramids that appeared to be larger than those found on the Giza Plateau, seen via through satellite imagery. Allegedly, other researchers have found things, that defy everything we know about in our history. If these things were proven to be real, then it would change our entire history and how we live now. A different world would emerge and with it, some kind of new beginning for all.

Google Earth underwater wall find

How far this underwater wall reaches isn’t known. If it is real, it would be quite an amazing discovery. More than likely, this was caused by a mapping error of some kind. It makes one wonder however, if this is real why was this wall was put up.

Was it keeping something away? Did our Earth look different than imagined before? There are many questions that remain unanswered about this. Only a specialized number of people, would have access to dive equipment able to reach depths such as this. The premise of this is a fascinating one nonetheless.

(Source: Perfect Edition)

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