Chinese tourists capture Princess Diana’s ghostly likeness

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This snapshot, seems to resemble Diana, Princess of Wales. Unfortunately, the Princess, lost her life from an untimely encounter, from paparazzi chasing after her on the roadway. The tragic event happened on August 31, 1997 in Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, Paris, France. She was just 36 years old.

A group of Chinese tourists, took a photograph that seemingly resembles the late Princess. Her silhouette, is seen outlined in the photo. The photograph captures Diana, as she appeared on a stained glass window as seen in the photo.

Princess Diana ghost stained glass

These tourists had no idea that they may have captured Princess Di from beyond the grave. Paranormal enthusiast Michael Cohen, is now investigating whether or not this sighting at a church in Glasgow, might really be a remnant of the late Princess Diana.

Like many strange and unusual things ghostly related, this photography may well be some sort of optical illusion produced by lighting hitting the stained glass. Michael Cohen is convinced that this might be real proof of something. Scientists tell us that ghosts don’t exist, and yet people around the world keep seeing them, he said.

Princess Diana ghost Scotland

Was the Princess was trying to make contact with the living again? Sometimes, ghosts cannot move forward, as they have unfinished business to attend to. Cohen explains, that this is one of the ‘clearest’ paranormal images he has ever come across. To him, this photo is simply amazing.

Perhaps even, Diana was trying to convey a message to her family, friends and fans somehow. One theory about this is, Diana’s mother Frances Shand Kydd, was believed to have spent time in Scotland. Frances later passed away in 2004.

Ghosts are thought to manifest themselves in areas, that they were once connected to. Was the Princess attempting to connect to the area again? It is believed, that ghosts sometimes appear to warn people of danger heading their way as well.

Since this photograph of Diana was first taken, it has been examined by so-called experts. It is still undetermined whether or not it is genuine. Photos such as these are difficult to believe. However, people have to consider all the angles, along with any other information about it which was discovered.

The photo is being used in an upcoming television series on Paranormal mysteries, where they will highlight this event in a special episode. Perhaps a re-enactment will take place demonstrating this ghostly encounter, with the fallen Princess. There are many who still mourn her death, as she was beloved across the world.

(Source: Metro UK)

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