World’s first haunted 3-D cursed idol scan, proves paranormal activity

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Greg Newkirk and Dana-Matthews Museum of the Paranormal

While we question most everything in life. Having actual evidence of something unusual, makes one wonder what else may exist in our world. Not long ago, both Dana Matthews and Greg Newkirk (both married to one another) are from the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult.

Both Greg and Dana have been on the road since 2014 and have appeared on different television series related to paranormal experiences. They decided to have a cursed haunted object scanned. To their surprise, much was revealed as seen on screen. Their goal is to create a database of the world’s most haunted and cursed objects through 3-D scanning technology.

A particular cursed idol doll item nicknamed “Billy” has often had an affect on people, during their traveling museum roadshow, which has taken them all across the country.

Billy cursed idol

As one can imagine, this makes examining objects such as this quite difficult, as possessed artifacts don’t make great test subjects. However, this experiment was a success, as this object has some sort of paranormal property attached to it. Perhaps whoever once held this doll or created it, simply cannot let go from our world.

The idol, was scanned in 3-D. This may be the very first time, someone has attempted to scan a haunted cursed object before. The results are quite amazing to see in the video, as the crew seems baffled by Billy.

Greg Newkirk Museum of the Paranormal

Things can happen with technology but it seems during this segment, the 3-D scans were quite often failing from some sort of paranormal activity happening. Greg Newkirk mentioned that a few of the haunted objects, have mysteriously gone missing and they were scheduled to be scanned as well.

Maybe its nothing more than mere coincidence, that all of this is happening but it proves something strange is indeed going on with Billy the doll. In the video, there is mentioning of a barrier that appears in front of Billy further preventing the crew from getting a complete 3-D picture of the cursed idol doll.

This entire process took 30 hours to complete, only being successful after the crew began a EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) session with the idol. They verbally explained what they were doing during this session to whatever was possessing the idol of Billy.

After these moments, the haunted idol seemed to be in some sort of communication from this point on. This video suggests that with technology, further contacting the dead may reveal much more one day. It is dangerous to tamper with cursed objects such as this, the results can sometimes backfire into someones life unintentionally.

(Source: Coast to Coast)

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