Brunette from 1930’s seen using early cell phone

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What appears to be a brunette woman holding an early cell phone of some kind, can be seen walking with friends. She is wearing a dress with buttons in the front. She is smiling, so the conversation seems to be going good. It makes one wonder, who she was talking with. Perhaps this was part of some kind of promotional campaign. These young folks, appear to be walking out of a factory building.

1930s woman with cell phone

What makes this special is, the footage appears to be from the mid to early 1930’s. Cell phones didn’t come along until April 3, 1973. The first person claimed to have used one, is a senior engineer from the Motorola company named Martin Cooper.

Not until a decade later, did the Motorola DynaTAC phone, reach the palms of consumers back on September 21, 1983. This phone became the first commercial portable cell phone.

Speculation is, this woman was a time traveler of some sort. It is unusual however, why she would be public ally parading with the phone drawing attention to herself. Some think, this was part of a comedy gag and explains why she is seen smiling.

1938 time traveler

Allegedly, the woman’s name is Gertrude Jones and the building behind her is from the Dupont company. She was 17 years old at the time. Gertrude and five other women apparently were given wireless phones to test out for a week. From what is known, the video was taken back in 1938.

Gertrude was on the phone with a scientist, who was holding another wireless phone as she passes by. If this is true, then quite possibly…cell phones came along earlier than previously thought which is quite interesting.

The original video footage, had many people skeptical to whether or not this was genuine. Later, when the Dupont company was contacted, there was no response to this video. A user known as Planetcheck, claims that the phone is still in her possession. If Gertrude was 17 during 1938, then she would be 97 years old now.

How far along would our current technology be, if phones like this did exist back then? Perhaps they believed that this technology was too far advanced for people, so they abandoned the idea all together. Sometimes, prototypes were made and later forgotten about. With tinkering, new ideas come along or were inspired by something previously.

Something about all of this seems strange, the story about Gertrude may well just be some sort of cover up, to further hide the truth. Still though, the thought that she might be a time traveler, is a fascinating one.

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