Strange Sounds Are Being Heard Over Anchorage, Alaska

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Nobody really knows what the heck is going on. However, residents from Anchorage, Alaska have recently started to report hearing strange sounds above them in the sky. These bizarre sounds seem to happen in the early morning hours. 

strange sounds in Alaska

From out of nowhere, these sounds can be heard. Some might think this is an animal, but those who live in Alaska say otherwise. It seems that a loud noise starts to happen that is best described as a hum. Then, this noise gets continuously louder before fading away.

While this location is physically the largest populated part of Alaska, the location is in the southern central part of the state, near the shores of Cook Bay. The most recent report happened back on Monday at around 5:00 AM. Whatever it was, this highly unusual noise lasted for several hours in the central part of Anchorage. 

The noise seems to come and go. However, nobody yet knows what to make of it or what exactly is causing such a stir. One person described it as being a mysterious metal moaning sound. 

Others have said this noise is rather creepy. It is both symphonic and sporadic, lasting for pulses of about 20 seconds at a time. The sound it seems is internally loud when heard. It seems to resonate inside someone’s body. No doubt this is a strong force coming from somewhere nearby. 

Comments include:

“It’s almost like a foghorn, and screeching metal on metal. It sounds like a submarine scraping the bottom of a pool or something,”

Another eyewitness describes this rumble as an “underwater moan.”

Is there some kind of experiment happening here or have aliens already landed? Many continue to wonder what is happening and they want answers now. Until then, people will have trouble sleeping until this is solved.

(Source: Soul Ask)

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