Something Unexplained Happened In The Missouri Wilderness

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A man explained that he was out in the wild where he had been several times before. The location is in the (east central) part of Missouri. He recalls it being around 5:30 AM and it was really dark out.

When he pulled into this area, he was now facing away from the woods were. However, he was familiar with the place, as he has been here a few times before.

Just about half an hour before sunrise, he was gathering up his gear from the back seat of his truck. It was then, when he heard something rustling around in the woods. He could hear the crackle of branches breaking, as something was creeping around out there kind of slowly.

The man stopped for a moment to listen. He wanted to understand what this might have been. Yet when he did this, whatever it was seemed to stop moving as well. It was like he was being stalked by something or someone. 

Something Unexplained Happened In The Missouri Wilderness

Deciding to grab his hunting rifle, he then began to load it. Several more times he heard something nearby making sounds all around him. He then began to let his imagination get the better of him or so he thought.

Now, he wasn’t sure about heading into the deep woods ahead. He had no idea just what the hell this thing could have been. With some sense of safety, he did manage to load both his .270 rifle and .357 revolver.

Now, he thought to himself if something did show up, he would be ready for it. Moments later, he then approached the tree line and began to glance around. There seemed to be nothing there.

His estimation was, about 5 minutes passed by before remembering he had no light to speak of. It was still pitch black outside, making it much more difficult to see and judge things around him.

When he then arrived to where a big tree was located, he leaned both his rifle and backpack next to it. Then he assembled his hunting blind. These are used as cover devices for hunters or gamekeepers to avoid any chance of detection (in theory anyway). 

After bending over to place the first steak into the nearby ground, he heard something close by. His heart dropped as he soon realized how close this thing was now.

To him, it seemed to be standing directly over top of him. A chill ran down his spine, as he then heard and even seemed to feel the breath of something. It resonated so deeply it even vibrated through his body. 

Whatever it was, it let loose what sounded like a woman screaming. The shrill pitch sound, made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. He then reached for his revolver and was ready to open fire upon whatever was there.

It then dawned on him, that nothing seemed to be there. He decided to stand there for a few more minutes glancing out at the darkness of the night sky. This man was confused and didn’t know what to make of all this. 

Thinking about what was happening, he knew that whatever this was…it could see him but he couldn’t see it. Soon he wondered whether or not this thing would detect any kind of weakness.

Would it retreat and leave him alone or would be soon be attacked? These were the thoughts racing through his very mind. Not knowing what to do, he began to wait around for daylight to come. He grabbed his things and then began to await for daylight to break. Now, he didn’t see or even hear anything around him. What was this thing? People mentioned it might have been a dog, coyote or even a bear. 

Unable to make sense of all this, he thought to himself how tall he is at 6′ 2″. When he would bend over, he would likely be around 4′ tall. He is a fairly good sized man. The moment this thing stood over top of him, he couldn’t understand how close it must have been. There were no broken or moved leaves and/or sticks around where he was.

The nearest larger sized tree was an estimated 10 feet away from him. Whatever this thing was, it appeared to show some kind of intelligence as it seemed to stalk and watch him from afar.

He seemed to spin around or even circle him from where he was. He thought back to a story he had heard about Indian spirits. Maybe this could be an answer of some kind. The man went on to say, there have been a number of big cat sightings around the eastern part of Missouri. 

He didn’t seem to think this was a Bigfoot, but he didn’t discount it either. Perhaps it walked around upright as it prowled the area here. Maybe this man experienced something supernatural here. Anything is possible and the story is kind of disturbing at some level. There has been no update yet about it.

(Source: Phantoms and Monsters)

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