Dead mother gives birth inside coffin

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This bizarre occurrence took place in Toronto, Canada. Some believe, that this is nothing short of a miracle. After 23 hours, a premature 5 pound baby was born from the corpse of her dead mother. Cemetery workers heard sounds coming from the coffin, as they were lowering it into the grave plot.

This happened about 3 hours later after the ceremony. When they opened the coffin, they discovered a small premature newborn baby crying. An ambulance rushed the baby girl to the hospital immediately upon arrival.

Dead mother gives birth inside coffin

The miracle baby, was born about 1 and a half months early. She was hungry and dehydrated. The baby was placed inside of an incubator for 4 months until she recovered.

Divine intervention was most certainly at work, as this baby was saved. The mother died from a car accident, after losing control of her vehicle – because she was in labor with her child. She attempted to drive herself to the hospital and it turned out to be a fatal mistake for her. While the crash claimed her life, her unborn daughter unknowingly would go on to survive.

The story is both heartbreaking and tragic. Those who are religious, can question God’s intention over all of this. Perhaps this is the work of the Devil itself. A medical newsletter, stated that the woman was 7 and a half months pregnant, during the time of the accident.

The mother’s dead body, was kept in a morgue cooler for 17 hours. She laid there, before being covered with a shroud. Afterwards, she was placed inside of a coffin.

The identity of the mother has been kept private from the wishes of the family. This is most certainly understandable, after everything that they have been through. Most certainly, it is amazing how an unborn baby could survive inside a dead body for 23 hours.

Mother gives birth inside coffin baby

Authorities went on to say, “There is no possible way for this baby girl to have survived the automobile accident that killed its mother, much less cling to life for 23 hours without food and oxygen from her blood supply.” They also exclaimed in surprise “But as God is my witness the baby did survive – and there’s not a doctor in the world who can explain it.”

One other thing, the mother along with her baby – were both was declared dead after medical staff attempted to save their lives at the hospital. Attempts to revive them failed. This makes this baby being born, quite a miracle indeed.

(Source: Stories of World)

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