Alien caught on video in Puerto Rico

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Alien with man

In Puerto Rico, a video showing not only UFO’s flying in the sky but an actual extraterrestrial encounter was uploaded. The location is in Joyuda Cabo Rojo. What this is from is unclear, but it is really something. The small stature alien interacts with a man who wanders over towards it. From then on, the alien gestures and touches the mans head seemingly trying to communicate with him. There seems to be a radiating surge of energy coming from the alien’s hand.

What is odd is the person filming…they remain completely calm. Of course this is more than likely a fake but it is pretty interesting to say the least. After the man wanders off to the left the alien is seen pointing in the same direction. The alien creature doesn’t seem to rattled about the situation, only for a moment does it appear to duck down as its eyes seem to blink while looking around. It then vanishes when the camera pans back to where it was as time passes.

The origination of the video has been determined that it was first shared back in 2013. There seems to be more copies of this floating around the web this year. This isn’t the first time Puerto Rico has been affected by any extraterrestrial encounters. There are many more instances reported. What these alien spacecrafts were doing in this video isn’t clear.

people near water

All of the UFO’s in the air are flying pretty randomly. Perhaps they were scouring the area trying to communicate with us in some way. There have been an extraordinary amount of reports around the world recently claiming UFO’s and alien sightings. Could this be an example of this? They are just as curious about us as we are about them.

In the sky, there seems to be some military planes flying amidst the alien spacecraft. It is likely that mankind would go to war with what they don’t understand. We are a fearful species out to preserve ourselves at all costs. We value our society highly but expect to lead a good lifestyle.

Alien wave

By nature humans are hunters and predators to many other living things. Why stop with what we know? There is a chance something like this could really happen soon. With all the things happening people are confused and wondering what the future holds for themselves and their families.

We can only hope for something positive as time passes by. Who will be the so-called leader to rise up and take matters into their own hands creating a better place and a better time for all together?

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