New Mexico Archive

Matrix Glitch Shows Crow Stuck In The Sky Motionless

It was a most unusual sight when a mother named Kayleen Bowman, shared on her Facebook an extraordinary clip showing a crow “stuck” in the sky motionless. Some now wonder or have before whether or not we are living a matrix of sorts.  The crow bird seems to not move whatsoever, as it doesn’t even

Peculiar Photograph Seems To Show Bigfoot

Recently, a conference was held in Dulce, New Mexico. This location is filled with UFO believers and the like. Now, this place is known as a paranormal meeting place in the United States. Here a number of gatherers, discussed information about a photograph. This photograph, seems to show an actual Bigfoot…mistakenly caught during a camera

Possessed Psychic medium photographed

A photograph has been circulating since 2014, showing psychic medium Jeanette Q. Baird. She is a French woman, who specializes in making contact with the dead. While she was in New Mexico, a photograph was taken of her. This photo seems to show her being possessed by some kind of poltergeist spirit. Certainly, photos such

Ghostly entity captured on family’s surveillance camera

Located in Clovis, New Mexico something peculiar happened. A husband and wife were eating their dinner, when they noticed something otherworldly wander by the front of their house. It was dark outside, yet their surveillance camera picked up a humanoid type figure passing by in the night. Whatever this thing was, it didn’t appear to