Prom Date Arrives Inside Of Coffin

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She looked drop dead gorgeous, as she set up an elaborate entrance to her prom. Megan Flaherty from Pennsauken, New Jersey…went to her junior prom dressed up inside of a coffin on Saturday. She was seen lying inside a large wooden coffin, after being driven to the prom inside of a hearse.

Megan’s intentions were purely innocent and all of this was intended to be good fun. She is planning to study Funeral Service and Mortuary Science, after high school. Her dream is to work inside of a mortuary.

Some people found her stunt to be tasteless, while others thought it was downright clever. When the doors opened up, the hearse driver was wearing both a tuxedo and top hat. Megan’s date then slid her coffin out.

Megan Flahery coffin New Jersey

Megan was seen wearing a blue dress as she held a bouquet of flowers. From what is understood, the coffin used was a prop. Word of her stunt quickly spread across the internet and Megan became virtually famous for a while. Her story was later shared on different social media sites.

When Megan was asked about her prom experience she said, “I like being different.” The coffin was provided by her friend, who she wants to be like. Eventually, she would like to be a funeral director. The young man seen in the top hat, is her friend who helped her with the coffin stunt.

Girl Arrives In Coffin Prom

People can be sensitive when it comes to death and rightfully so. Likewise, there are those who always try to make the most out of things, even when it comes to a funeral service. It is unclear if Megan’s funeral career will be buried after this, but likely not. The intentions of this, were far more innocent by nature.

Megan Flahery coffin stunt New Jersey

Others were clearly upset over this and criticized the high-schooler on sites like YouTube, where her video was first posted.

“Classless, tasteless, and insensitive,” wrote one woman. “I am not surprised her goal is to be a funeral director. When she applies for the job, I am betting more than one funeral home will reject her for mocking the dead.”

“Attention seeking at its worst,” wrote another.

“This is how ‘Elvira Mistress of the Dark’ went to prom. Except it was Elvira,” snarked another.

Megan’s mother Susan Flaherty later posted an explanation on Facebook. She said that her daughter meant “no disrespect.”

(Source: Miami Herald)

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