The Blackburn roadside ghost

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This video has been floating around for a while now. It is known as the “Blackburn Ghost”. Several guys were driving around late one evening, when they stumbled onto the unexpected. Many have laughed at this mentioning its nothing more than someone dressed up in a costume. Well, perhaps this is the truth, but it is interesting to watch. Whether or not it actually is has people guessing and contemplating what it might be.


This spirit of sorts may even be something else entirely. It doesn’t appear to be all that translucent. But it does move strangely. It appears to be hobbling along the dark dusty road. What adds to the excitement of this, is the audio reaction of the man in the car. They are completely freaked out and this gives this video some sort of validation anyway.

Obviously this is an amateur video, which also makes it seem more believable. This isn’t some elaborate production—it seemed fairly spontaneous anyway. The ghost appears all of a sudden on the road and then turns on the men driving. They at first are intrigued, then things take a turn for the worst as the Blackburn ghost starts charging towards them with what appears to be a crook or staff of some sort.


The clip lasts around 3 minutes long, making it one of the longest ever documented ghost moments to surface. The reason this ghost got its name is from the location. This was shot at Blackburn and Belmont in Lancashire, England. This dreadful creature sends shivers down your spine as it turns and wobbles back and forth trying to reach the men in the car. They are scared and not rational in their thinking.

The language spoken is Arabic, and what he starts shouting is translated as “Move the car backwards. Faster! Faster!”

The sound of his voice seems pretty legit. Is this some sort of publicity stunt? It is possible but just maybe this might be something else more than can be explained. There is one local man who is a historian and author by the name of Simon Entwistle. They belief that this ghost might well be the spirit of a monk who was executed in the Turton Tower.

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