Ghost haunts young child in cradle seen on video playback

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Ghost messes with child inside cradle

Sometimes the living are bothered by the dead. Spirits run restless among the innocent. This small child, seems to toss and turn during the night. While watching the video playback, it is clear that something is bothering this young child.

The father decided to upload this footage and while the video quality isn’t crystal clear, you can see enough to make out some details. This child during this time was tormented by some strange presence.

Suspensions are this child has been haunted for quite some time. It is possible this spirit has latched itself onto the child, possibly taking possession of them in certain moments.

Ghost messes with child in cradle possession

When a child is upset from a nightmare, usually they would cry out for their parents. This time the child shown in this video seems to be under some sort of captivation. It is believed that children and animals are able to communicate with spirits, perhaps this video is an example of that.

Watching this video more carefully, you can see around this cradle where this child sleeps. This child seems rather restless and in discomfort. Look carefully 16 seconds into the video, the child seems to be knocked back suddenly.

Ghost messes with child inside cradle

A light source also seems to pass by. This video was uploaded on YouTube by someone by the name Alan Valois claiming this is their son. So far, this is their only video upload by them about the ghost. It was published, back during  Oct 23rd, of 2014.

Taking everything into account, usually children are energetic and sometimes it is difficult for them to sleep due to diet and exercise. They may or may not have had enough activity throughout the day. Whatever this thing is, it has been tormenting this child during the night as seen on the video.

Children’s motor skills are sometimes lack luster, as they try to reach for things or get their balance. You may notice, the child trying to stick their leg out of the cradle bars. Their knee almost moves past the bed portion as they try to get to their knees. The child then looks like its being pulled by their leg.

It is tough to tell, but their also seems to be some sort of light, much like an orb in the video. Is this a paranormal presence? Perhaps. Children are also rather uncoordinated. So, taking that into account, this might not be anything else other than a tired child flopping around in its cradle. Children are unpredictable and this is certainly evidence of that.

After looking at this video, rewind at 16 seconds, and then 35. Another orb seems to move at 1:17 as well. Certainly, this is a video for paranormal specialists to further examine.

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