Unexplained Pulsating Light Over Germany

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Whatever this was, it has people wondering what it might be. It happened on June 22nd, this year. Other pulsating lights have been seen around different locations as well – although the colors and scale seem to vary in size. The biggest question is, what is this? Most people think we are not alone in the universe. Perhaps this is evidence of some kind of UFO visitation.

Strange Orange Pulsating Light Filmed Over Gelsenkirchen Germany

Other speculations about this include, this being some kind of governmental experiment of some kind. Is this part of a new military weapon or a weather manipulation device of some kind? This could be a drone type probe, hovering for a time as well. Perhaps even…this could be some kind of meteor type of blast, like an after-effect of it happening.

Strange Orange Light over Gelsenkirchen

While the location isn’t exact, it is believed to have occurred somewhere over Gelsenkirchen, Germany. So far, this is the only known video footage to have been publicly released. As perplexing as it is, there are those who think this isn’t coming upwards from the ground. Comparably, this could be a laser beam light show of some kind. Although this seems even more far fetched.

The video was first uploaded on YouTube by user KingRobin04 _KstaatGE on their channel. It was later posted on The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 channel as well.

With all the UFO sightings reported about, it is difficult to keep track of them. This footage seems to show a pulsating orange and red glow, yet the distance between the camera and where this took place, seems to stretch for miles. There may have been some kind of object in the sky, that we cannot see. Without technology enhancements like digital manipulation being done, this remains quite the mystery

Obviously, this was taken at night. The orange glow, appears to be behind a forest surrounding the area. While difficult to see, one can assume a small mountain range is in the distance as well.

It is difficult to believe this, without seeing it for ourselves. That being said, this is an extraordinary video that still remains unexplained. Surely someone out there knows something about this, until then…we can speculation anything.

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