Human Remains Facebook Post, Leads Police To Gay Witches Arrest

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It took place several years ago, when a 24 year old woman named Devon Marie Machuca aka “Ender Darling” posted online. She used sites such as Facebook, in attempts to sell real human bones taken from a graveyard. Customers of hers, were eager to purchase human bones to be used in possible witchcraft incantations.

Ender Darling

A post appeared on the Facebook group known as the Queer Witch Collective (QWC). Members of this 2000+ secret group collect human bones from “poor man’s graveyard” located within their neighborhood.

The bones taken, were from Holt Cemetery located in New Orleans. Seen often in graveyards after it rains, are the remains of femurs, teeth, jaws and skull caps among other skeletal remains. In this location, there are many above ground graves due to the terrain and history of the area.

This bizarre incident took place back around December 8th of 2015 leading to the arrest of Devon Marie Machuca. The witch commented saying, “You can literally walk around, see femurs, teeth, jaws, skull caps, etc. This is where I go to find my bones for curse work and general spells that require bone.”

One of the photos posted online appeared to display 13 human bones and 3 teeth. ABC News later reached out to the then 24 year old practicing witch for further commentary. Since the incident happened, Devon Marie Machuca has been threatened and received a lot of backlash over her grave robbing.

Devon did mention that she has ties to this particular graveyard, stating the following:

“I’m from New Orleans too, and I live there too,” Darling said. “I have family members buried in that graveyard too. So, y’all can stop treating my like some tourist that came out of nowhere, that’s what you can do. I know human bones aren’t easy to come by,” Darling added, “and I usually have left overs.”

It is believed in witchcraft, that human bones emit more energy than animal bones. This is why they are in higher demand within the blackmarket witchcraft community. It seemed that Devon (Ender Darling) was anxious to find out if people were interested. She wanted to test out the market, to see if shipping bones would be a lucrative business model for her.

Several of Darling’s former roommates, said they had nothing to do with Darling’s bone collection or any other related rituals. One of them said, “I think she thought she had way more power than she actually had.”

“I wasn’t selling anything,” Darling said. “It was, ‘You cover how much it takes to ship it.’ This is me passing along something I feel nature has given me. I don’t want money for this.”

According to court documents, a search warrant was later initiated by Darling’s Mid-City house. Afterward, investigators found a fish-type bowl with 11 human bones and 4 teeth inside of it. The State Attorney General’s Office began investigating the case. Who knows what came out of it. However, there were four known investigators who conducted  “periodic surveillances” at Darling’s Solomon Street home over a six-day period back in January of 2015.

Investigators later subpoenaed all correspondence from Darling’s Facebook profiles. This resulted in 12,000 pages of information. She primarily was acting alone but also with a roommate dating back to November 16th.

Neighborhood watch groups have since been established to watch out for graveyard robbers and other illegal type activities in this area.

(Source: ABC News Now and Broadly Vice)

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